Marketing Your Poetry: Who Says Rhyme Doesn't Pay?

Marketing Your Poetry: Who Says Rhyme Doesn't Pay?

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Marketing Your Poetry: Who Says Rhyme Doesn't Pay?

Poetry can be difficult to sell,but not if you know where and how to market it. There are many retailers, businesses, associations, schools, and other outlets that seek poetry for their employees, members, students, clients, and customers. There are different ways to package and promote your poetry that can increase your sales, revenue, and reputation.

This tutorial is presented by Brian Jud, an author and experienced book-marketing consultant. He is President of Premium Book Company, a distributor of books into non-bookstore markets. He has helped thousands of authors and publishers steer clear of the most common mistakes that can doom any publishing venture.

In this 19-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • How to market poetry in places you never dreamed of finding
  • Why you do not have to be a marketing expert to sell poetry
  • How to find, get, and use awards for poetry
  • How to write poetry for greeting cards
  • Reviewers of poetry? They are out there and you will learn where to find them
  • Ways to sell poetry on a library tour
  • How to find and enter poetry contests
  • How to show counselors and therapists ways to use your poetry in their practices

You do not have to be an aggressive marketer to get your work into the hands of many people who can benefit from your poetry as they enjoy reading it . . . with this tutorial, you'll discover how rhyme pays.

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