Naveed Saleh: 60-Minute Consultation Session

Naveed Saleh: 60-Minute Consultation Session

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Naveed Saleh is a book author, freelance journalist, editor, blogger, speaker, consultant, and writing coach devoted to helping professionals learn how to write better. Naveed attained a bachelor's degree in biology from Cornell University, a medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine, and a master's degree in science journalism (with an informal concentration in psychology) from Texas A&M University in College Station. Naveed is a freelance writer and editor who has written for a variety of national publications and blogs with Psychology Today. He's also written and edited for many prominent physicians, researchers, lawyers, engineers, and various other professionals. Naveed was a contributing writer at The New Physician magazine, where he performed a professional internship and won a 2010 Apex Award for Health & Medical Writing. Naveed's book The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets was published by F+W Media/Writer's Digest Books in January 2014. The book has received praise for its detailed and engaging analysis of style, journalism history, journalism values, interviewing, article writing, pitching, platform building, and much more. Finally, Naveed is founder and writing coach at the San Diego Writers Institute.

Consultation Time: 30/60 minutes

Connection Method: Phone, Skype (customer's choice). All messages will be recorded and offered to the client at no additional charge. The digital recordings will be placed in a Dropbox folder that will be shared with the client. (Dropbox accounts are easy to set up and a good tool for every writer.) The digital recordings are meant for later review by the client.

Naveed is available to consult on these topics:


Naveed has an intimate understanding of several style guides including the AP Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, The Elements of Style (Strunk & White), and the AMA Manual of Style and can help you to develop a better understanding of writing style for use in personal, professional, and public communications. Style is defined as well-accepted conventions on punctuation, syntax, grammar, and word usage. Moreover, Naveed can direct clients on how to best use his primer on style, which is published in The Complete Guide to Article Writing (Writer's Digest Books). Clients can also expect help with cultivation of voice which is the unique way a writer pieces together words. (Writers with distinct voices are sought after by editors and readers alike.) After evaluating your writing samples, Naveed can not only provide individualized feedback and instruction with respect to style but also coaching on how to bring out a distinct voice.

Content editing

Naveed's greatest strength as an editor lies in his ability to content edit. Content editing is the most extensive form of editing where the editor effectively rewrites documents. When rewriting documents on behalf of a client, Naveed will use a "bread-and-butter" style that should please most editors. Alternatively, he can rewrite documents to comply with the style guide of an intended publication. Of note, Naveed is happy to explain decisions he makes while content editing and work with you to make sure that intended meaning was preserved. Rest assured that the changes he makes are attributable to well-accepted conventions of style and style manuals.


Blogs are the most dynamic form of article writing and draw from news, feature and opinion articles. With the rise of citizen journalism, blogging has become the preferred form of article writing among many writers who engage the public. Currently, nearly every journalist has a blog and engages the public with regular blog postings. In his book The Complete Guide to Article Writing (Writer's Digest Books), Naveed discussed the principles of blogging at length and provides valuable tips on how to develop a blog and post in an engaging and informative manner. Naveed can individualize these lessons to meet your needs, and, with respect to logistics, help you to set up and promote a successful blog.

Article development

Articles include news, features, opinion pieces, and blog postings. With the publication of The Complete Guide to Article Writing, Naveed provides a definitive guide on how to write all types of articles. He provides individualized instruction on how to write articles of all types. He can also advise you on how and where to pitch successfully. With respect to executive or corporate clients, he can help you to effectively write and structure articles for company or association newsletters and magazines. He can also be contracted to create these articles on for you. Of note, Naveed is also happy to consult with you about article budget for the development of a newsletter.


Naveed is an expert interviewer and has interviewed nearly 500 professionals for writing-related projects and articles. Many of his basic and expert techniques are described in his book The Complete Guide to Article Writing. He can help clients learn how to interview better and how to engage the interviewee. After training with Naveed, clients can expect to glean more from interviews and make their interviews more informative, robust and engaging. More specifically, Naveed can help with issues such as eye contact, body posturing, dialogue skills, tips on how to keep interviewees at ease, ethical considerations when interviewing, and so forth. In the past, Naveed has helped clients develop excellent interview skills for use in professional and business settings. He can also help clients learn how to conduct interviews specific to their writing needs; different articles require different interview setups.

Manuscript development

Writing a book is a labor of love, and to some extent, crafting a nonfiction book that draws on literature and research is an idiosyncratic process. Nevertheless, Naveed can help you develop a plan to write a manuscript and work with you to make sure that the manuscript comes to fruition. He can also direct your research efforts and energies and identify which sources would be most helpful. His approach to developing nonfiction/research-based manuscripts is novel and derived from his work with article writing—specifically feature writing. In many ways, a writer can approach the development of a manuscript much like the development of a features article with the introduction structured like a longer lede, the body sectioned into chapters with different angles that interlink thematically, and the conclusion being the kicker.


Naveed is a professional speaker and has deep and evidence-based understanding of how to create presentations. He can either develop presentations on your behalf or content edit them (rewrite them). He can also teach you the principles of how to best engage for all types of audiences. Moreover, clients who work with Naveed on presentation skills can expect valuable lessons on public speaking.

Professional communications (e-mail, executive summaries, précis, cover letters, resumes, etc.)

Naveed routinely help clients with professional communications including cover letters, executive summaries, précis, memos, e-mails, and resume/curriculum vitae consulting. He can teach you the best practices with respect to the development of such materials.

Platform building

Platforms are necessary for not only publication but also professional development. Professionals develop platforms in order to connect with colleagues, employers, and audience members. Furthermore, anybody who is interested in writing for the public must develop a strong platform. Platforms typically consist of a website, blog, social media presence, and analytics. Clients who work with Naveed can expect hands-on guidance on how to develop a website, a strong Facebook presence, a successful Twitter following, and an engaging blog. He can also advise you on how to promote yourself using premium services offered through Google and social media outlets.


I had the great good fortune to work with Naveed at the American Medical Student Association. As contributing writer to the magazine, The New Physician, Naveed produced superb content that engaged and inspired our readers, and our staff.

Smart, personable, thorough, and engaging are just a few qualities that will impress you about Naveed. I was so impressed with him when he led the entire AMSA staff in a writing workshop. To this day, I still use his tip sheets and words of wisdom about effective writing.

Naveed is now the successful author of The Complete Guide to Article Writing, and again I'm a huge fan. Naveed teaches and guides in a style that is easy to understand and apply. He takes the intimidation of the blank page away.

Whether you are looking for a contributing writer, or writing coach, Dr. Naveed Saleh is a choice you will be thankful you made. I certainly have benefitted from his deep expertise and so will you!

- Meeghan De Cagna, Senior Director of Student Member Development at The American Academy of Physician Assistants

Naveed Saleh brings a fine mind, a warm heart, and an impressive fund of knowledge to his writing and editing. I recommend him highly.

- Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, Coordinator of the MS Program in Science and Technology Journalism, Texas A&M University

In the past, I have contracted Dr. Naveed Saleh for a variety of writing services—both professional and personal. As a scientist, I appreciate Naveed's scientific sensibility and logical and organized approach to writing. He has a deep knowledge of style and composition and the ability to make prose engaging. He also does an excellent job of explaining his work and articulating the writing process. As the owner of a biotechnology company, I appreciate Naveed's understanding of business communications and presentations and how to engage the business and professional community. I've found Naveed to be capable of writing or editing anything. He is a premier writing consultant. He's also sympathetic, forthright and honest.

- Nikou A. Hessami, DVM, PhD, VP, Technical Operations and owner of Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc., San Diego, Ca.

Naveed has the unique ability to get into your mind and figure out your writing needs. He can see your needs even when you can't. Naveed is also very easy to work with. He's able to connect with you in a way that puts you at ease. He can write anything, and he can teach you to write anything. I have learned so much from Naveed with respect to grammar, punctuation, word usage and more. Furthermore, I have referred friends and colleagues to Naveed, and they've been very pleased with his work. Naveed can help your writing influence its target audience and reach its goal whether professional or personal. Naveed is the perfect writer, editor and writing coach. He was designed to do this work.

- Kianoush Javaheri, MD, Sharp Healthcare, San Diego, Ca.

Dr. Naveed Saleh played an instrumental role in improving my writing style, enabling me to more effectively interact with and engage the reader. His extensive experience in writing across a diverse spectrum of media provides his clients with an invaluable opportunity to convey their thoughts and ideas to the target audience in different writing platforms. Thank you Dr. Saleh for your genuine dedication to improving the writing skills of your clients and helping us discover our hidden talents and potential.

- Sriram Chandran, MD, family medicine

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