Navigating Through The Real-Life Horrors Of The True Crime Genre

Navigating Through The Real-Life Horrors Of The True Crime Genre

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From the monstrous to the parodied, the true crime genre is in a renaissance. Deciding on whether or not to fully immerse yourself into a grisly story or take a more distant approach is one of the toughest challenges to tackle - and the first of many for a true crime author. Learn about some of the lesser-known obstacles of the genre, including drawing a line between professionalism and sensationalism, putting investigative writing into practice, and protecting your mental health while sifting through the real-life horrors of a nonfiction story.


Jax Miller is an American author and true crime news writer. Her fiction debut was translated into 17 languages and received acclaim from the New York Times, NPR, Entertainment Weekly, and more, earning the 2016 Grand Prix des Lectrices de Elle and several CWA award nominations. Her first true crime book was the basis for a limited series on CNN’s HLN network and aired on HBOMax - for which she was creator, host, and executive producer - and featured in the HuffPost, Marie Claire, OK! Magazine, Bustle, and as an Editor’s Pick on Amazon. Miller spends her days as a news writer for Oxygen and NBCUniversal, with true crime features in the HuffPost, Yahoo News, Writer’s Digest, Dr. Oz, and Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.

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