An Agent Explains Author Platforms: Why You Need One and How to Use It to Secure Representation

An Agent Explains Author Platforms: Why You Need One and How to Use It to Secure Representation

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  • You're a writer who want a career, rather than just one book
  • You're a writers who wants an agent and a traditional publisher
  • You're a self-published author who needs marketing help
  • You're a debut author looking to break into the popular market


Platform has become increasingly important in the modern publishing world. What was once of concern only to authors of prescriptive non-fiction is now an integral part of successfully publishing fiction and non-fiction, both traditionally and independently. This is especially true for debut authors looking to break into the popular market. With more submissions and fewer acceptances, you need to show agents and publishers that you have what it takes to cut through the noise and get noticed by your target audience.

After years as a senior literary agent and working in various capacities for independent publishers, Gordon Warnock co-founded Foreword Literary, focuses on building careers for promising new authors. He works with all of his clients, fiction and non-fiction, to tap into their platform, expand their reach, and ultimately maximize their bookselling potential.

This presentation demystifies platform, shows you how to obtain it, and shares those important “extra" details and tricks that can help sway an agent's mind. Among topics touched upon are establishing the right kind of presence, writing the platform-centric query, assembling a convincing marketing proposal, and knowing what to say in a verbal pitch to show the agent you have platform.


  • What platform is
  • What platform does for you
  • What agents look for in platform
  • How to approach and build platfor
  • How to craft a platform-centric query
  • How to assemble a convincing marketing proposa
  • What to say in a pitch to show the agent you have platform
  • Common misconceptions and mistakes


Gordon Warnock is a founding partner at Foreword Literary, serving as a literary agent and editorial director of their Fast Foreword digital publishing program. He brings years of experience as a senior literary agent, marketing director and editor for independent publishers, freelance publishing consultant, and college-level writing tutor. He frequently teaches workshops and gives keynote speeches at conferences and MFA programs nationwide.

With a zest for fresh, new voices and a deep love of the classics, Gordon actively seeks out both the timely and the timeless. In that spirit, he establishes involved, long-term working relationships with talented and dedicated authors of many genres.

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