POV & Voice Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

POV & Voice Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

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You'll Love This Worksheet If:

  • You have read The Nighttime Novelist
  • You are writing a fiction novel
  • You're looking for a worksheet on point of view

Writing a novel takes time, dedication, and knowledge. This downloadable worksheet from The Nighttime Novelist focuses on point of view. When you fill out this worksheet, you'll review point of view and voice beginning on page 71 of The Nightttime Novelist and then test your own narrative choices by answering the questions. Download this worksheet today!

In This Worksheet You'll:

  • Answer seven questions relating to your novel's point of view
  • Test your own narrative choices

A Sample Question From This Worksheet:

What POV have you chosen for your novel and why?

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