Querying 101: Putting Your Best Book Forward

Querying 101: Putting Your Best Book Forward

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  • You are a writer who is unsure about how to craft a query
  • You are a writer currently composing a query who wants to make sure their work gets read
  • You are a writer who wants to write the perfect elevator pitch


Maybe you're the next Stephen King, maybe you've written a New York Times bestseller, but if you don't know how to query, no one will ever know. Learning how to write a great query, one that will not only make an agent want to read your book but pick up the phone and call you the minute he/she reads your query, is essential if you want to be a published author.

Literary agent Jennifer De Chiara guides you, step by step, in writing the perfect pitch for your book. She offers do's and don'ts from her 16+ years of agenting and shares queries that got her attention and those that didn't. De Chiara also gives tips on how to find the right agents to query - if you've written a dynamite query, it's still worthless if you're not sending it to the right agents.

Most writers spend years working on their manuscripts, but very little time learning the art of the query. Investing time in this often forgotten but very important first step will make the difference between your book possibly being published someday and your manuscript collecting dust on a closet shelf.


  • How to start your query
  • How to write the perfect elevator pitch
  • Common mistakes that writers make
  • How to find the right agent to query
  • How to highlight your hook
  • How simple and direct can often be the best way to go


Jennifer DeChiara is President and Owner of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency, which she founded in 2001. Before forming the agency, she was a literary agent with two established New York agencies, worked in the editorial departments of Simon & Schuster and Random House, and was a writing consultant for several major corporations. A New York City-based writer, she is a frequent guest judge for the WRITER'S DIGEST, WOW! WOMEN ON WRITING, and THAT FIRST LINE writing contests, among others, and is a frequent guest lecturer on publishing and the art of writing at universities and writers conferences throughout the country, which have included New York University's Summer Publishing Institute, the Penticton, Canada Writers Conference, the San Diego State University Writers Conference, Backspace, the International Women's Writing Guild, and the Learning Annex. The agency represents both children's and adult books, fiction and non-fiction, in a wide range of genres and represents many best-selling, award-winning authors, including Pen Award-winning author Carol Lynch Williams, Edgar Award-winner and PEN Award-Winner Matthew J. Kirby, Newbery Honor Medal-winner Margi Preus, Lambda Award-winning YA novelist Brent Hartinger, best-selling children's book authors Chanda Bell and Carol Aebersold, best-selling, award-winning Cathie Pelletier (aka K.C. McKinnon), and #1 New York Times' best-selling author Sylvia Browne. The agency has a strong presence in Hollywood and is affiliated with many of the top film agencies there, with many film and television projects in development, several of which DeChiara has created and/or co-produced.

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