Secrets of Story Structure & Plot

Secrets of Story Structure & Plot

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Are you confused by plot? You are not alone. Plot springs from character in conflict and is the single most challenging aspect of writing a story that writers face. Plot demands an interweaving of dramatic action, character emotional development, and thematic significance. Agents and editors say “yes" to stories that have a masterful handle on plot,so the tale is clear and exciting from start to finish.

This webinar allows you to stand back from the words on the page and analyze the overall plot of your novel, memoir or screenplay. It doesn't matter if you're still at the idea stage, or you've already completed your book and want to evaluate the work before submitting it. This workshop speaks to anyone writing fiction or life stories,including novelists, screenwriters, and memoirists.

In this webinar with Martha Alderson, you have the chance to map the dramatic action plot, character emotional development plot, and thematic elements of your own individualized story as she is mapping out the same plots from an award-winning novel. A clearly formulated plotline will help you get going, prevent you from stalling partway through, and guarantee that even those of you who never finish anything will make to the end.


• Analyze the dynamics of plot and structure.
• Explore how well constructed characters in conflict and undergoing change act as the driving force behind an exceptional story to create your own exceptional story.
• Identify and plot the 4 major scenes in every great novel, memoir, and screenplay.


Martha Alderson, also known as the Plot Whisperer, is the author of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master (Adams Media). The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories, (2012) is the companion workbook. Writer's Digest Magazine has awarded her blog, The Plot Whisperer, top honors in their 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Martha is the founder of International PlotWriMo. Her books also include Blockbuster Plot Pure & Simple and Blockbuster Plots Scene Tracker Kit.

Martha combines what she knows about how people learn after more than 20 years working with thousands of writers and analyzing hundreds of novels, memoirs and screenplays. She has dedicated herself to teaching the development of plot and structure for writers to achieve maximum reader connection and enjoyment. Her clients include best-selling authors, writing teachers and fiction editors, and Hollywood movie directors.


• Beginners as well as advanced novelists, memoirists, or screenwriters
• Anyone who has ever wanted to write a novel, memoir, or screenplay
• Anyone who has ever suffered from plot envy
• Writers who have been rejected by agents and editors, and want to evaluate why their novel didn't make the cut

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