Show, Don't Tell: The Story Behind the Advice Video Download

Show, Don't Tell: The Story Behind the Advice Video Download

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Writers are advised again and again to show and not tell. But there's more to showing and telling in fiction than a blanket prohibition. Sometimes the suggestion to show rather than tell simply doesn't go far enough. Of what value is such advice when neither showing nor telling are explained? when the differences between showing and telling aren't spelled out? when no effort is made to point out that both showing and telling are necessary in fiction and that knowing when each is particularly useful can help writers create compelling and dynamic stories?

This tutorial helps fill the gaps of the show, don't tell advice. Examples of both showing and telling will help you decide which should be used in a variety of situations and to create particular effects.

This tutorial is presented by freelance fiction editor Beth Hill, whose popular Editor's Blog offers advice on issues of craft and grammar, and encourages writers toward excellence in fiction.

In this 36-minute tutorial video, you'll learn:

  • What is meant by the terms showing and telling
  • Ways to both show and tell
  • When to use telling and when to use showing to enhance a scene or paragraph
  • Why dramatic or conflict-raising scenes should be shown
  • Why telling should be used for summary
  • Which types of telling should be limited in fiction
  • Why showing when you should tell or telling when you should show creates problems
Watch to discover the particulars of both showing and telling in fiction.

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