Six Strategies for Breaking Through Writer's Block

Six Strategies for Breaking Through Writer's Block

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For authors of both fiction and non-fiction, the dreaded writer's block eventually visits us all. In this tutorial, we'll go through half a dozen exercises to help jar our brains out of the doldrums and through that block. Your writing comes from your imagination, and so does your writer's block. All you have to do is imagine your way out!

Philip Athans has spent the last thirty years as an author and editor and has suffered through more than his share of various form of writer's block. He's tried all six of these exercises himself-and they worked.

In this 95-minute tutorial video, you'll learn six easy exercises to help you take control of how you approach your own writing and find ways around any “block" your own head can put in the way:

  • Writing Prompts
  • Enter from the Farthest Door
  • Make Lists
  • Spill Your Guts
  • Play Media Roulette
  • Walk it Off

Writer's block is all in your head-and you can think your way past it!

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