So You Want to Get Published? OnDemand Webinar

So You Want to Get Published? OnDemand Webinar

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  • You are interested in writing a book
  • You are in the querying stage
  • You can't seem to break through those gatekeepers
  • You need networking tips
  • You are looking for resources to learn the business
  • You are wanting to maximize your pitching abilities
  • You want to challenge yourself


Getting published has always been hard, but in this day in age it is exponentially more difficult. Publishers are taking fewer risks, paying out smaller advances, and reserving spots in their print catalogs for authors who guarantee big sales. The digital space has crowded its way into brick-and-mortars.

In this OnDemand webinar, Lane Heymont, Principal of The Tobias Literary Agency, will break down the current publishing industry, its changing markets, and help you discover where your writing fits in. Learn developmental strategies and analysis to perfect your query so you can break through those gatekeepers and land your dream - a publishing contract.


  • How to write the perfect query
  • What is high-concept
  • Who the big players in publishing are
  • How to vet a publisher
  • The changing market
  • What happens behind the scenes when publishers consider your work
  • And more!


Lane Heymont began his career at The Seymour Agency, leading the marketing efforts for their authors and enjoyed connecting clients with readers. As a lover of literature since childhood, and at the prodding of his mentor Nicole Resciniti, he decided to pursue his passion as a literary agent. He went on to found The Tobias Literary Agency. He strives to bring incredible and thought-provoking books to the masses, culminating in reaching the number one spot on Publishers Marketplace for agents representing horror, and the Top Ten for women's fiction and romance. Lane represents a broad range of commercial fiction including romance and all its sub-genres, fantasy, science fiction, horror, celebrity/memoirs, pop culture, serious nonfiction, and true crime.

He is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Horror Writers Association, the Association of Authors' Representatives, and Mystery Writers of America. He believes what John Gregory Dunne said: “Writing is manual labor of the mind."

NOTE: Writer's Digest does not offer refunds for OnDemand Webinars. All sales are final. OnDemand Webinars do NOT include a critique.

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