The Bulletproof Submission Package: Crafting the Pitch, Manuscript and Proposal That Will Get You Published

The Bulletproof Submission Package: Crafting the Pitch, Manuscript and Proposal That Will Get You Published

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You'll Love This OnDemand Webinar If:

  • You are actively querying agents and publishers
  • Your submission packages always get rejected
  • You will be pitching your story's concept at a conference
  • You want to know how to impress an agent or editor

Too often, writers spend countless hours making sure their submissions have all of the “right" material included,worded in the “right" way. Unfortunately, writers often forget that the submission elements,the query letter, synopsis, pitch, and so forth,all go hand in hand, and must work together to present a book in the best possible light. So the “right" way to submit and pitch your work will vary from project to project. It's crucial to understand what editors and agents are seeing from their end as they review the packages authors send and decide which ones are worth further consideration.

When you listen to this 90-minute online tutorial video, you'll analyze each element of the submission package including the synopsis, query and the pitch, not so much from a “This is how to write it," but rather “This is what to consider for each submission you send." How should your pitch, query, bio and synopsis all work together to explain the different elements of your book? How are these elements similar? How are they different?

The session will also discuss how to pitch an agent face-to-face for writers who plan on attending a conference or sitting down with agents soon.

Download this online webinar today and learn how to craft a bulletproof submission package!

In This OnDemand Webinar You'll Learn:

  • How a pitch, query, synopsis and story are all connected
  • The importance of targeting a submission package to individual editors and agents
  • What the editors and agents are looking for in the submission package or pitch
  • How to showcase your writing in a pitch paragraph.

Four Things Editors & Agents Are Looking For in a Manuscript From This OnDemand Webinar:

  • Voice and the ability to write
  • A great hook
  • The ability to draw a reader
  • The ability to match the type of voice a particular publishing house or company prefers

About Scott Eagan:

Scott Eagan is the agent and owner of the Greyhaus Literary Agency ( located in Washington State. Scott draws on his extensive background in education, writing and literature to assist the writers at Greyhaus. He has a BA in English/Literature, a MA in Creative Writing and a MA in Literacy. Scott is also a writer and is an active member of the Romance Writers of America. Outside of his work at the agency, he continues teaching writing on a part-time basis and continues to be active in community work including serving on the National Alumni Board for the University of Puget Sound.

If you enjoyed this OnDemand Webinar, listen to his other OnDemand Webinar on marketing a novel and targeting agents and editors.

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