The Partner in Crime Bundle

The Partner in Crime Bundle

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Are you worried your internet search history might put you on an FBI watchlist? Let this bundle be your new partner in crime! Many writers run into the same challenges when it comes to researching the specifics and complexities of forensic investigation, police procedure, and the justice system. At the same time, these intricate details are essential to drawing readers into your story. Including seven OnDemand webinars taught by forensic experts and published crime writers, a collection of Writer's Digest's interviews with iconic thriller authors, a digital guide of plot twist prompts, and the September 2019 Writer's Digest digital issue, this bundle is jam-packed with resources designed to answer all your questions.

They Fight Crime! How to Write the Amateur Sleuth (OnDemand Webinar): From cozy to psychological suspense, readers can’t get enough of regular people taking on crime. How do writers craft amateur sleuths with the drive, the skill, and the time to catch murderers in their spare time? Lori Rader-Day will talk about reader expectations for these stories, how to think about what the story needs to succeed, and why amateurs are so popular with readers. ($79.99 value)

How to Write (or Not Write) Courtroom Scenes (OnDemand Webinar): A courtroom scene can serve as a powerful focus point of conflict and drama in stories of all genres. But in order to work well, a courtroom scene must seem authentic without getting bogged down in technicalities. This session will cover the basics of courtroom procedures and tactics that fiction writers should consider, including opening and closing statements, direct and cross-examination questions, and common objections. ($79.99 value)

Where To Find The Line? Comedy In Crime Fiction (OnDemand Webinar): Humor can be found anywhere and shared in any story--even a crime novel! In this OnDemand webinar, award-winning stand-up comedian and author Benjamin Stevenson talks about the balance of introducing comic elements to a crime novel, and how it can help build traditional genre elements--suspense, tension, surprise--as well as the similarities in joke and mystery structure. Writers of any genre will learn how to harness humor for their own stories. ($79.99 value)

Pour Me a Stiff One: Death Investigation Explained for Writers (OnDemand Webinar): Corpses contain a body of evidence and thus, the keys to unlocking our fictional crimes. Jennifer Dornbush, forensic specialist and crime writer, will walk you through the inner workings of death investigation and how to create authentic death investigation scenes for those story moments when you need "to drop a body.” All this, in a safe, non-gory setting… with a little gallows humor. ($79.99 value) 

10 Forensic Faux Pas & How to Get Away With Murder! (OnDemand Webinar): Have you ever wondered if coroners really eat sandwiches while doing autopsies? Or if wearing a low-cut dress and high heels to the scene of a crime is sanitary? Walk away knowing when to authenticate or fabricate your crime fiction. During this OnDemand webinar, Jennifer Dornbush will explore 10 common forensic faux pas you can turn into writing tricks that elevate your story, while still making it believable and entertaining. ($79.99 value)

Navigating Through The Real-Life Horrors Of The True Crime Genre (OnDemand Webinar): Deciding on whether or not to fully immerse yourself into a grisly story or take a more distant approach is one of the toughest challenges a crime writer tackles - and the first of many for a true crime author. Learn about some of the lesser-known obstacles of the genre, including drawing a line between professionalism and sensationalism, putting investigative writing into practice, and protecting your mental health while sifting through the real-life horrors of a nonfiction story. ($79.99 value)

The Challenges and Advantages of Amateur Sleuths (OnDemand Webinar): Why are amateur sleuths so popular? What are the unique challenges of having one as your protagonist and what are the benefits? This OnDemand webinar will answer these questions and more as we dissect amateur sleuths in popular fiction and learn how to make the most out of this common character trope through discussion and exercises. ($79.99 value)

Mystery/Thriller Interviews (Digital Edition): Love reading and/or writing mystery/thrillers? If so, this free collection of Writer’s Digest bestselling mystery/thriller author interviews is for you! Mystery Thriller Interviews includes interviews with authors Karin Slaughter, Lisa Jewell, Walter Mosley, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Chris Bohjalian, and Scott Turow. ($8.99 value)

40 Plot Twist Prompts for Writers: Writing Ideas for Bending Your Stories in New Directions (Digital Guide): Plot twists can spin your story in a new direction and keep your readers turning the pages to see what happens next. With this collection of 40 plot twist prompts from Senior WD Editor Robert Lee Brewer, you'll be able to experiment to see which plot twist works best for your story. Alternatively, if you've been experiencing writer's block, use one of the prompts to begin a new tale. Either way, your story will thank you. ($9.99 value)

Writer's Digest September 2019 Digital Edition (Digital Edition): In the September 2019 Writer's Digest, themed "The Big Idea," we'll help writers find ideas, create better plots, and more. In addition, readers will be treated to a WD Interview with bestselling author and WDC 19 central keynote Karin Slaughter, as well as a special Writer's Workbook on poetic thinking, and an interview with writer Sarah Broom. ($6.99 value) 


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