Top Ten Errors Writers Make That Editors Hate Video Download

Top Ten Errors Writers Make That Editors Hate Video Download

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A great idea can hook an agent or a publisher. But ideas are cheap. It's the execution that matters; the execution decides whether your manuscript ends up in the slush pile or on the shelves of a bookstore. The way you develop your idea and bring it to life will not only hook, but also reel in agents and publishers … and ultimately your readers. Editors want you to succeed. They want to discover great new writers and read compelling stories lived by memorable characters. But there are some common mistakes that stand in your way.

This illuminating tutorial reveals the ten most frustrating errors writers make, covering such story elements as plot, structure, character, dialogue, and more, as well as general writer's issues like style and voice. Discover the dangers of the forced plot twist and the cardboard character, explore ways to avoid unnatural dialogue, and gather ideas that will boost the interplay between dialogue and narrative while learning strategies to self-edit and fix common mistakes.

This tutorial is presented by literary editor Helga Schier. After years as editor in traditional publishing houses, Helga founded and now provides independent editorial and writing services. Helga holds a PhD in literature and is a frequent lecturer at writers' conferences. She has edited, written, or translated well over one hundred books. A true writer's editor, Helga guides fiction and non-fiction writers through the development, writing and editing process, helping them to craft the best books they possibly can.

In this 38-minute tutorial, you'll discover:

  • The most common grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues
  • The most typical inconsistencies
  • The most frequent stylistic errors
  • How to use clich√©s to your advantage
  • How to create memorable characters
  • How to show and not tell
  • Ways to increase the power of your dialogue
  • Ways to support natural plot development
  • Ways to spot and avoid hangnail writing

Editors are experienced readers. When editors stumble over a mistake or an error, other readers will likely stumble as well. This tutorial session offers vital tools to help you spot these errors and edit them away so that your readers won't fall.

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