Using Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income OnDemand Webinar

Using Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income OnDemand Webinar

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Thanks to Twitter, it has never been easier for an enterprising writer to build a career. Editors, publishers, peers, sources,they're all flocking to the Twitterverse. For some, the shift has led to more assignments and higher income. Veteran freelancer Tim Beyers is one of those writers. In this webinar, he'll walk you through his rules for earning a return on your Twitter time, including strategies for querying editors, building your contact list, and the in-and-outs of using Twitter to find quotable sources.

What you'll learn:
  • The importance of participating and building a community you want to be involved with (e.g., journalists, editors, agents)
  • How to meaningfully engage other people and be a resource
  • How to land an assignment for a major publication by following editors on Twitter
  • Case studies of freelancers who have scored jobs on Twitter
  • Specific and valuable Twitter chats you'll want to participate in

About the Speaker
Tim Beyers is a professional freelance writer who covers the intersections of technology, business, and culture. His work appears regularly at The Motley Fool, where Tim has been a contributor since 2003, and at American Express' Inside Edge magazine.
Who should attend?
  • Writers who are completely new to Twitter
  • Writers who are using Twitter to socialize, but not yet finding any professional benefit

OnDemand webinars do not include a critique.

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