Wizards, Robots, and Ghosts: Navigating Narration Within Sci-Fi & Fantasy OnDemand Webinar

Wizards, Robots, and Ghosts: Navigating Narration Within Sci-Fi & Fantasy OnDemand Webinar

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  • You struggle to ‚Äúshow not tell" in SFF
  • You are unsure which SFF genre you are writing in
  • You are unsure which age range you are writing for
  • You are looking to polish your prose further
  • You have lots of world-building ideas, but are unsure how to put them in a story
  • You have read a lot of SFF but are hesitant to write your own
  • You struggle with pacing
  • You are undergoing revisions


When writing commercial and upmarket fiction, a positive reader experience is paramount to the book's success. A book must not only capture the reader's attention, i.e. “hook" the reader, but it must also maintain it. The writer's ability to immerse the reader throughout the story is a key factor when a literary agent is considering a submission. In science fiction and fantasy (SFF), because so much world-building is required, new writers often end up failing to maintain reader immersion and rather focus on heavy exposition instead.

Literary agent Mary C. Moore represents multiple SFF novels from middle-grade (MG), young-adult (YA), to adult. During this brand new live webinar, she'll help you learn how to navigate and balance the elements of active prose and world-building in order to write a strong SFF novel that will catch and hold a reader's attention. She will also walk you through some of the standards found within SFF publishing, e.g. subgenres, comparative titles, overdone tropes etc. as well as answer questions related to the genre in general.


  • How to work toward reader immersion
  • How to balance world-building with active prose
  • How to classify your subgenre within SFF
  • How to avoid some common tropes
  • The difference between MG, YA, and adult SFF
  • Where to find comparative titles for your project


Mary C. Moore has been with Kimberley Cameron & Associates since 2012 but her love of SFF goes back to when she was a kid devouring books by the likes of Tamara Pierce, Robin McKinley, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks and so on. She brings that passion for the genre to both her own writing and who she represents. She specializes in fantasy and science fiction from middle grade and up, and is proud of her SFF client list, the most recent publication being MARKSWOMAN by her client Rati Mehrotra, released by Harper Voyager.

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