Write a Memoir That Sells: How to Use Voice, Structure and Platform to Draw Readers to Your Story OnDemand Webinar

Write a Memoir That Sells: How to Use Voice, Structure and Platform to Draw Readers to Your Story OnDemand Webinar

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The local bookstore is full of memoirs on nearly every subject these days. How can you give your memoir that extra edge that makes agents want to represent it, editors want to buy it , and most importantly , get audiences clamoring to read it? Writing memoir isn't as simple as telling your personal story. It's about carefully crafting a selected piece of your history using a well-honed voice, an appropriate structure, and then using your platform to gather an audience for it. Learn which important elements of your life story readers will expect to see.

This webinar will help ensure you're using voice and structure to the best of your ability, and will discuss how to use platform to help make you a more valuable writer.

  • The difference between "voice" and "writing properly."
  • Common voice stumbling blocks.
  • What it means to "break the rules correctly" while writing memoir.
  • How to find a structure that's the best fit for your book.
  • The "narrative thread" and why you need one.
  • Platform, what agents and editors are really looking for.


Paula Balzer is a literary agent and the author of Writing & Selling Your Memoir (July 2011). Her clients include New York Times best-selling author Alexandra Robbins (Pledged, Quarterlife Crisis, Secrets of the Tomb) Oscar-Award winning writer of Juno Diablo Cody (Candy Girl), American Idol judge Randy Jackson (What's Up Dawg?), and Bobby Henderson (Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster).


  • Writers who have started or are about to start writing a memoir. This webinar will help you at any stage in the process.
  • Writers who have queried agents and just aren't sure why they aren't getting the feedback they were hoping for.
  • Writers who are hearing "the market is flooded with that (INSERT TOPIC OF YOUR MEMOIR HERE)," or who may need to work on their voice or structure.
  • Writers who are getting requests from agents for pages but not offers of representation.
  • Writers who are about to start querying agents and need to do a final polish of their work.
  • Writers who want to know how to pitch agents and editors properly.

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