Write Innovative Character and Plot: Analyzing Oscar-winning Screenwriter Diablo Cody OnDemand Webinar

Write Innovative Character and Plot: Analyzing Oscar-winning Screenwriter Diablo Cody OnDemand Webinar

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Capturing the attention of film industry folks is vital to getting a screenplay out of the proverbial drawer and onto the silver screen. Your screenplay must stand out in the crowded and competitive world of scripts with not only compelling characters and powerful plots, but a distinct voice. Fitting that bill is -- Academy Award winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, (Best Original Screenplay Juno) -- whose thought-provoking characters challenge storytelling expectations by both following and breaking the traditional narrative rules.

Susan Kouguell will explore Cody's distinctive writing while using it to teach you how to write a better script. Kouguell brings to this class a unique perspective; working in various capacities in the film industry, as a writer of over a dozen feature assignments, as a story analyst and story editor in the development departments of studios and independent production companies, and as a screenplay and film consultant at her company Su-City Pictures East, LLC since 1990. Susan will offer insights into both film executives' and audience's expectations without compromising your creativity and vision, incorporating her industry experience as a script consultant, screenwriting professor and author of Savvy Characters Sell Screenplays!.


  • What film executives demand in a successful screenplay.
  • Analysis of films by the same writer to illustrate a variety of approaches to consider.
  • How to discover the core of your characters.
  • How to avoid common screenwriting pitfalls.
  • Tools on creating characters an audience will care about
  • Insights on Diablo Cody's most popular characters


  • Screenwriters seeking insights to elevate their characters
  • Screenwriters seeking tips for writing success from an industry insider who's been in the film trenches (and survived) for over 25 years.
  • Aspiring and professional writers looking for hands-on and inspiring tools for constructing compelling characters.
  • Writers who've had their scripts rejected and want to learn why.
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves.
  • Anyone intrigued and interested to learn more about Diablo Cody's work.
  • Writers, filmmakers, and producers living and working anywhere on the globe curious to learn more about the craft of writing.

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