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Writer's Yearbook 2018 Download

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2017: The Year in Review An expert's take on the latest in the book and magazine world,and how those trends bode for your writing in the coming year. By Jane Friedman

Look Before You Leap Going to a writing workshop? Avoid these 7 conference don'ts and you'll reap bigger rewards, invest wiser and travel smarter. By Sharon Short

Group Effort Joining Facebook groups can help you expand your community, elevate your craft and advance your career. Here's how to reap the rewards of social media. By Orly Konig

Put Your Website to Work Monetize your homepage with the help of these 8 tools and services. By Jane Friedman

Show Me the Money Whether you're a full-time freelancer, dabbling in self-publishing or just editing on the side, understanding these money basics will help revolutionize your profitability and productivity. By Ilise Benum


All In Wanting to pursue freelance full time but too intimidated to make the leap? Make a commitment to saying “Yes",you may be surprised how far you'll go. By Jeff Somers

If At First You Don't Succeed Writing careers are rarely made overnight. One author shares 13 setbacks she faced on the road to success,and the invaluable lessons all writers can learn from. By Susan Shapiro

Money Talk As a freelancer, knowing your monetary worth,and conveying that to editors,can be sticky business. Here's how to navigate payment and contract negotiations with ease. By Zachary Petit

The Freelancer's Bible Whether you're a newbie looking to find your way or a pro seeking continued guidance, here are some sacred truths to direct your freelancing path. By Tyler Moss

Just Say No to Click-Bait Even in this high-speed digital age, it is possible to succeed as a web-focused writer without sacrificing quality for quantity. Here's how. By Brandon Ambrosino


Get Down to (Writing) Business Want to build up your ghostwriting credits? Follow this blueprint for sustainable, full-time success,that'll translate to any type of writing. By John Peragine

Pitch Basics A literary agent reveals the many ways pitches go wrong,so you can learn how to get yours right. By Donald Maass

Book Promotion in the Digital Age Nowadays, it's more crucial than ever to use the web to your advantage when marketing your work. Utilize these tips and you'll see results both online and off. By Paula Munier

Real Talk Creating the “illusion of intimacy" online will help you expand your platform and develop a rapport with readers, without sacrificing your privacy. Here are 6 ways to do it. By Barbara O'Neal

7 Rules for Strong Sequels These guidelines will set your follow-up on the path to success. By Brent Hartinger


101 Best Websites for Writers No matter what writing-related assistance you're looking for,craft advice, community, publishing help and more,you'll find it here, in our best digital roundup yet. By Baihley Grandson

Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers Spend less time pitching and more time doing what you love,writing!,with some help from our annual list of best markets. By Karen Krumpak


For Your Eyes Only An author shares how she escaped the rat race of self-promotion to find value beyond major career milestones. By Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

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