Writer's Digest 2020 Issue Collection

Writer's Digest 2020 Issue Collection

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Save 60% when you buy all the 2020 Writer's Digest issues in this convenient bundle! All issues are in PDF format.

All seven 2020 issues included.  

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In a super-sized January/February 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest, themed “New Beginnings” we’ll help writers edit their own work, understand personal branding, share the next installment of our new column, “100 Years of Writer’s Digest,” unveil three new columns, and more. 

Retail: $6.99
In the March 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest, themed “The Chaos Issue” we’ll help writers collaborate with editors, share an interview with author Susan Jane Gilman, share the next installment of our column, “100 Years of Writer’s Digest,” and more.

Writer's Digest April 2020
Retail: $6.99
In the April 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest, we celebrate the small presses that bring bold, unique stories into our lives. Featuring a round-up of 23 small presses open to submissions, plus a conversation with staff members at 4 indie presses answer questions about what writers can expect when they work with small publishers.

Writer's Digest May/June 2020
Retail: $6.99
In the May/June 2020 Writer’s Digest, themed “The Web Issue,” we’ll share the 101 best websites for writers, help crime writers find their niche, and explore the world of audiobook narration, as well as share the next installment of our column, “100 Years of Writer’s Digest,” vintage writing advice from the archives, and more.

Writer's Digest July/August 2020
Retail: $6.99
The July/August 2020 issue of Writer’s Digest celebrates the impact that travel can have on one’s writing. Whether it’s using your travel as a writing retreat or as inspiration for a unique setting, the travels you’ve done in the past or hope to do in the future can be put to use in whatever kind of writing you do.

Writer's Digest September/October 2020
Retail: $6.99
In a special double issue for September/October 2020, Writer’s Digest considers the theme The Future Is … The world has changed dramatically in the past several months and that change is likely to continue well beyond the fall. This has made all of us look at our writing through a new lens. That might mean considering one’s own writing goals for the future or finding an agent, or that might mean considering how advancing technology will impact how mystery/crime writers will keep readers guessing. We’ll cover this and much, much more.

Writer's Digest November/December 2020
Retail: $8.99
Writer’s Digest officially turns 100! In this special double issue, WD celebrates 100 years of helping writers improve their craft and getting published with advice from some of the biggest industry professionals and authors publishing today. We’ll look back on how writing has changed over time, the founding of WD, and much more. 

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