Writer's Digest July/August 2014 PDF

Writer's Digest July/August 2014 PDF

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Writer's Digest, July/August 2014, Volume 94, No. 5

FEATURES: Boost Your Creativity

Harnessing Creativity to Empower Your Work Learn how to tap into raw emotions and real experiences to bring strength and creativity to everything you write. by Tracy Strauss

50 Writing Prompts for Every Part of Your Brain Flex your creativity with a collection of exercises designed to stretch every muscle in your writerly mind. by The Writer's Digest Staff

Making Magic Magic realism is a literary genre grounded in reality and imbued with mystical elements. Conure the extraordinary on the page with these tips and tricks. by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Team Up! What Makes Writing Groups Work 6 successful groups share their secrets for creating an inspiring, tightknit writing clan. by Rachel Randall

20 Under 20 Looking for new ways to generate fresh article ideas? Here are 20-in fewer than 20 mintues each. by Mridu Khullar Relph

The WD Interview: Ransom Riggs Bestselling YA author Ransom Riggs talks about breaking rules, seeking balance, and telling stories through photography, film and text. by Adrienne Crezo

Pure "Poetry" The winner of the 14th Annual Short Short Story Competition wrote concisely and compellingly about matters of the heart with "Poetry by Keats." by Cris Freese

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Idea Generation

3 Ways to Prepare Your Mind for Creativity by Jack Heffron

Testing the Strength of Your Story Ideas by Fred White

Blow It Up: Destroying Your Initial Idea by Jack Heffron


To Have and to Hold Professional relationships require the same amount of work as romantic partnerships. Here's how to stay happily married to your editor. by Don Vaughan


  • 5-Minute Memoir
  • The Winners of WD's 2013 Poetry Awards
  • Poetic Asides
  • Questions & Quandries
  • Get the Most Out of Your PR Dollars


MEET THE AGENT: Elizabeth Wales, Wales Literary Agency by Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut Author Spotlight by Chuck Sambuchino

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Second-Chance Queries; Talking to Agents About Hybrid Publishing; Minimizing Distractions by Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY: First Things First, Contest #55

STANDOUT MARKETS: mental_floss; Michigan Quarterly Review; The Harvard Common Press by Tiffany Luckey

CONFERENCE SCENE: The Frost Place Conference on Poetry; Mendocino Coast Writers Conference; Iota: The Conference of Short Prose by Linda Formichelli

REJECT A HIT: Tulips & Chimneys spoof-rejected by Daniel Ari

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