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Writer's Digest November/December 2016 Download

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Writer's Digest, November/December 2016, Volume 96, No. 8

FEATURES: Writer for Hire

8 Ways to Make Money From Your Website Why not put your home page or blog to work for you? Start with these smart and simple tools and services. By Jane Friedman

Just Say Yes If you have your eye on a freelance writing career but are intimidated by your prospects, take note: Sometimes the shortest distance between two points really is a straight line. By Jeff Somers

Hire Yourself The best marketing support you can get often comes directly from the source (you!). Here's how to promote like the pros,even on a tight budget. By Nick Courage

Your (Ghostwriting) Business Blueprint There's a big difference between landing one or two gigs and making a career of ghostwriting,or any kind of writing, for that matter. Use this plan for long-term, full-time success. By John Peragine

How a Month of NaNoWriMo Can Lead to a Lifetime of Better Writing For hundreds of thousands of writers worldwide, November means National Novel Writing Month. Learn how and why the 30-day challenge can be a serious boost. By Grant Faulkner

Detour The winner of the 85th Annual WD Writing Competition shows that diverging from your path might just lead you where you want to go. PLUS: The complete winners list across all 10 categories.

The WD Interview: Robert Crais This master of crime writing makes modern classics the old-fashioned way. By Jessica Strawser

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Romance & Love Stories

5 Common Flaws in Romance Novels By Leigh Michaels

Tips for Romantic Dialogue By Leigh Michaels

How to Write Compelling Love Scenes By Deborah Halverson


The Road Already Taken: With the right approach, even well-tread subjects can lead to compelling new books or articles. By Barry Sparks


  • 5-Minute Memoir: A Tribute to Pat Conroy
  • Poetic Asides: Ovillejo
  • Creatures of Habit: Gretchen Rubin
  • You're Saying It Right
  • On the Record
  • #CompleteThisTweet
  • Top Shelf: Holiday Gift Guide


MEET THE AGENT: Paul Lucas, Janklow & Nesbit Associates By Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut Author Spotlight By Chuck Sambuchino

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Reading Into Vague Rejections; Turning Up the Tension By Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY: Contest #74, First Things First

STANDOUT MARKETS: Poetry, The New Press, Lucky Peach By Cris Freese

CONFERENCE SCENE: Key West Literary Seminar; Writer's Block Festival; Writer's Winter Escape Cruise By Don Vaughan

PLATFORMS OF YORE: Charles Dickens

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