Writer's Digest October 2011 (PDF)

Writer's Digest October 2011 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Issue of Writer's Digest If:

  • You want to find agents accepting your type of work
  • How to make your nonfiction book proposal stand out
  • To see examples of real critiques from agents and editors

Every writer at one time or another aspires to get their work published and get paid to write. This issue of Writer's Digest spotlights literary agents. Whether you want to find an agent, learn the best ways to pitch an idea or query an agent, find top agents accepting your work, or get a better understanding of what it's like to work with an agent and what to expect , you'll find it all in this issue.

You'll also find interviews with literary agents Dave Cullen and Sarah Sper McLellan. Plus, you'll discover strategies for writing story beginnings and tips for moving your scenes forward. Buy this issue of Writer's Digest now and begin your journey to getting published!

In This Issue You'll Learn:

  • What to expect when working with a literary agent
  • How to show where your book will fit in and what will make it stand out
  • Four ways to bond your reader and characters

What You'll Find Inside:

Start Your Agent Search Here
Our annual hot list of agents is back,with 25 literary reps eager to find talented new writers. by Chuck Sambuchino

What an Agent Can Really Do for You
Make no mistake: There's a lot more to the author-agent relationship than landing that first book deal. Four successful authors share what you can expect in real life. Compiled by Jessica Strawser

Submission Workshop
Would your manuscript hold an agent's interest? Learn when (and why) reps stop reading in these real-life first-page critiques. by Kristin Nelson

Nonfiction Book Proposals in the Digital Age
To sell an agent or publisher on your nonfiction idea, it's more important than ever to show where your book will fit in,and what will make it stand out,both in print and online. Here's how to do it. by Jane Friedman

The WD Interview: Dave Cullen
For this modern master of truth that reads like fiction, the best writing begins with the toughest questions,and a drive to reveal the answers in a voice all your own. by Lindsey O'Connor

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Your First 50 Pages

The 4 Goals Your Beginning Must meet
by Les Edgerton

Second Scenes: 3 Ways to Move Forward
by Nancy Kress

4 Ways to Bond Your Reader & Characters
by James Scott Bell


If you've been limiting your conference search to writing events, you could be missing some great opportunities. Here's why fan conferences deserve a closer look.
by Elizabeth Sims

  • Leaving Your Mark
  • Top Shelf
  • Poetic Asides: The Bop
  • 5-Minute Memoir: Wish You Were Here
  • Exercise Your Pen
  • The Great E-Debate

Breaking In: Debut Author Spotlight
by Chuck Sambuchino

Ask the Agent: Sarah Sper McLellan, Folio Literary Management
by Jane Friedman

Questions & Quandaries: Posting Your Fiction Online; Debating Serial Commas
by Brian A. Klems

Your Story: First Things First, Contest #33

Standout Markets: Coffee House Press; Curve; Literal Latte
by Tiffany Luckey

Conference Scene: Events for Bloggers
by Linda Formichelli

Reject a hit: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Spoof-rejected by Rachel Walker


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