Writer's Digest September 2013 (PDF)

Writer's Digest September 2013 (PDF)

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Writer's Digest, September 2013, Volume 93, No. 6


Take Control of Your Career

Be a Book Club Favorite

Appeal to these avid readers, and you could enjoy the kind of word-of-mouth success that can carry you to the top. Here's how to write the ultimate book club book.
by Barbara O'Neal

Going Public
Cultivating a public author persona can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. These tips will help you ace readings, signings, interviews and more.
by Elizabeth Sims

Build Your Freelance Business
Use these 8 strategies to turn occasional assignments into steady paychecks.
by Roger Morris

The Stuff Series Are Made Of
Creating a successful fiction series might sound daunting, but with careful consideration of the right elements up front, you can keep readers coming back for more.
by Karen S. Wiesner

Game-Changing Moves
We asked WD readers to share the small steps that had a big impact on their careers, and writers everywhere answered. See what you can learn from our highlight reel.

The WD Interview: Kimberla Lawson Roby
Listen to your readers, and they just might lead you to the top,and to the kind of success that defies categorization.
by Jessica Strawser

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Nonfiction Writing & Reporting

Finding Sources and Conducting Research

by The Editors of Writer's Digest Books

Interviewing 101
by The Editors of Writer's Digest Books

Telling a True Story Using the Techniques of Fiction
by Philip Gerard


One in a Million

Here's why you should be crafting your book with one specific reader in mind,and that reader isn't you.
by Kip Langello

• Make a Play
• 5-Minute Memoir: The Birth of a Memoir
• Poetic Asides: Rispetto • Top Shelf
• Questions & Quandries: All Right vs. Alright
• Write at a Pulp Fiction Pace
• Good to Know: Divorce vs. Annulment columns


Dawn Michelle Frederick, Red Sofa Literary
by Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut Author Spotlight
by Chuck Sambuchino

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Pitching Unfinished Nonfiction; Non-NYC Agents; Advance Expectations
by Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY: First Things First, Contest #48

STANDOUT MARKETS: BenBella Books; Backpacker; The Georgia Review
by Tiffany Luckey

CONFERENCE SCENE: Comadres and Compadres; The Greatest Writers Conference on Earth; Put Your Heart in a Book
by Linda Formichelli

REJECT A HIT: Animal Farm
spoof-rejected by J. Bryan McGeever

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