Writing Basics 2014 Download

Writing Basics 2014 Download

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Writer's Digest presents:


Building Blocks

Questions & Quandries An expert fields your biggest writing-related questions, from grammar usage to the differences between querying and pitching. by Brian A. Klems

Language Form Make your writing stand out by understanding (and fixing) common structure and syntax problems. by Anne Stilman

In Plain View Know the basics of first, second and third persons with this point-of-view primer. by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Write Not For Yourself Here's why you should be crafting your book with one special reader in mind-and that reader isn't you. by Kip Langello

Research Like a Pro Use these tips to find the right resources for nonfiction success. by The Editors of Writer's Digest Books


Improv/e Your Writing Trick your brain into sparking creativity by playing these 10 improv games. by Leigh Anne Jasheway

Ditching the Desk Let your muse roam with these quirky workplaces of 13 famous authors. by Celia Blue Johnson

52 Writing Prompts Ignite your creativity engine with these weekly story starters, guaranteed to fuel your inspiration. by Brian A. Klems and Cris Freese

Learn the Craft

Introducing the World of Your Story Try these 4 approaches for establishing your novel's setting-and hook your readers from Chapter 1. by Jeff Gerke

The Art of Interviewing Use these simple techniques to conduct successful interviews for your nonfiction. by The Editors of Writer's Digest Books

Crafting the Antihero Up the ante in your story by knowing what it takes to develop a well-rounded antihero. by Jessica Page Morrell

Write What You Know Transform personal experience into powerful fiction, and you'll tell stories like no one else can. by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Behind the Motive Here are 4 easy ways to motivate your characters and plot in order to make a stronger story. by Nancy Kress

Becoming a Pro

Your Future Agent's Wish List Show agents that you're ready for representation by learning what they're really looking for. by Kimiko Nakamura

What Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You-But Should If you're thinking of hiring an editor before submitting or self-publishing, use these 10 tips to get the most bang for your buck. by Tanya Egan Gibson

Contracts 101 Writers at every level should understand, review and negotiate contract terms before signing on the dotted line. Here's a guide to what you need to know. by Cindy Ferraino

Going Public Growing your author persona is daunting-but not impossible. These tips will help you ace readings, signings, interviews and more. by Elizabeth Sims


Rejection Letter Bingo Cure your manuscript rejection blues with this tongue-in-cheek Bingo chart. by Zachary Petit

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