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Writing Love & Romance

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This carefully curated bundle of 11 Writer's Digest Shop products includes webinars, a Digital Guide and our 2018 February edition of Writer's Digest Magazine, all geared toward writing love and romance. Experienced instructors such as Denise Williams, Sonya Lalli, and Kimberly Brower lead the OnDemand Webinars offered in this package, covering topics such as building and breaking tension, editing and revising your romance novel, and writing romance in today's market. This bundle is perfect for both seasoned and inexperienced romance novelists to brush up on their skills, as well as authors from other genres looking to incorporate complex and interesting relationships in their stories!

How to Build and Break Tension in Romantic Scenes (OnDemand Webinar): A professor once shared with instructor Denise Williams the idea that great things in life--great food, great stories, great music--all require tension and release. Romantic scenes in novels are no different--the sweetest and sexiest of moments are made all the better by effectively building and breaking tension. In this OnDemand Webinar, Denise discusses strategies for using tension to make romantic scenes more engaging and effective in moving the plot of your story forward, all while drawing in your reader. ($79.99 value)

Things That Make or Break a Romance Novel (OnDemand Webinar): Each genre of writing has essential elements that can make or break their stories, whether it's science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, or romance. In this OnDemand Webinar, writers will learn five critical elements of a romance novel and how to make them a compelling aspect of their story from bestselling romance author Lorraine Heath. ($79.99 value)

Editing and Revising Romance Novel (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, author of A Holly Jolly Diwali Sonya Lalli discusses how to think critically about your own characters, plotting and writing in order to turn your work-in-progress into a polished manuscript. The presentation focuses in particular on the substantive, or structural edit. Sonya covers techniques to help you strengthen character and romantic development, flesh out and connect subplots, and show—rather than tell—your romance as engagingly as possible. ($79.99 value)

What's Said and Unsaid: Crafting Dialogue in Fiction (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, instructor Emily Gray Tedrowe teaches specific strategies for creating effective, compelling dialogue in stories and novels. She looks at several examples from successful writers and analyze their choices. She also discusses direct, indirect, and summarized dialogue and what each has to offer. Writers also consider the great potential in subtext, swear words, and lies (in fiction that is!). Short writing exercises are incorporated into the webinar, so have writing materials or an in-progress work of fiction if you have it ready! (If you don't, that's fine). ($79.99 value)

The Challenges (and Opportunities) of Writing a Family Saga (OnDemand Webinar): This OnDemand Webinar explores suggested do's and don'ts to consider when writing a family saga. Instructor Maisy Card teaches the different narrative structures that are typical of the genre as well as different storytelling techniques you will need to master. You'll discover how to introduce and develop a large cast of characters without leaving your reader overwhelmed. Maisy Card is a writer and a public librarian. Her writing has appeared in Lenny Letter, School Library Journal, Agni, Sycamore Review, Guernica, and other publications. ($79.99 value)

From Self to Universe: Building Character Relationships (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, instructor Ava Homa teaches how to determine a character's trajectory through developing their (un)conscious relationships with self, friends and family, society, and the universe (nationally and internationally, environmentally, spiritually). Writers will learn how to position their characters in their imagined and actual world(s). Ava Homa is the acclaimed author of the novel Daughters of Smoke and Fire (May 2020) which was named one of the best new fictions in The Independentthe Globe and Mail, and the Reader's Digest. ($79.99 value)

Writing Romance in Today's Market (OnDemand Webinar): Literary agent Kimberly Brower represents several NYT and USA Today bestselling romance authors, both traditionally and self-published. In this OnDemand Webinar, she goes over many things an author should consider no matter where they are in their career. She provides insight on what to think about while writing your novel, how to query literary agents in a way that will grab their attention, and once you have their attention, what questions you should ask to ensure you have found the "right one" for you. ($79.99 value)

How To Create A Brilliant Love Story (OnDemand Webinar): If you're writing a love story, you need to understand the hidden structures of how the genre works. Seeing how the great love story creators have pleased audiences gives you a huge advantage. Whether you're writing a love story like THE NOTEBOOK, or an adventure romance like TITANIC or AVATAR, there are many patterns, secrets and rules that instructor Peter Russell (peterrussellscriptdoctor.com) has discovered in his years of script doctoring, consulting and now selling his own work. Now you can take advantage of these industry-expert secrets too! ($79.99 value)

Writing and Selling Romance: Introducing Your Romance Novel To Its Happy Ever After (OnDemand Webinar): Romance novels represent a profitable, exciting and artistic field of publishing. Readers are voracious, publishing houses are acquiring and authors are making money. Yet, writing a romance novel can be intimidating and pursuing publication even more so. Sara Megibow represents New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance authors, and in this webinar she discusses the objective and subjective elements of writing these books, as well as the specific steps an author can take to pursue publication. From both the writing/art angle and the publishing/business angle, Sara shares her expertise with writers hoping to make the most of their romance novel. ($79.99 value) 

Writer's Digest February 2018 (Digital Edition): Writer's Digest, February 2018, Volume 98, No. 2. The "Love Issue" embraces the more romantic aspects of story weaving, both on and off the page. February is a time in which passions peak. From the desire that drives us to put pen to paper, to the alluring ways authors bewitch readers, love is the essential ingredient in telling tales, of any genre, that truly appeal to the heart. ($6.99 value) 

A Year of Writing Prompts (Digital Download): Writer's block strikes hard, and it strikes fast. We know, it's happened to us a few thousand times over. That's why Brian A. Klems and Timothy Petit, two writers with roots in Writer's Digest Magazine, have put together this book of creative writing prompts to help inspire you to have one of the most productive years of writing in your life. Whether you're looking for general prompts, holiday prompts, fiction prompts, nonfiction prompts or anything in between, this book provides you with a new writing opportunity every single day. That's 365 prompts for you to try, twist and turn into inspired stories. These exercises will help you flex your creative writing muscle, allowing you to break free from the shackles of writer's block and keep doing what you love to do most: write. ($7.99 value)

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