Writing the Memoir Tutorial: Part 1 Video Download

Writing the Memoir Tutorial: Part 1 Video Download

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Writing your memoir is essentially writing about a journey in which you are the hero. By applying the structure of the "hero's journey"--the most popular story known to humankind--to your life story, you can create a compelling narrative that agents and editors will want to buy, and readers won't want to put down. In this week's featured tutorial, "Writing the Memoir: Part 1," veteran editor and Cup of Comfort series creator Paula Munier teaches you how to apply the three acts of the hero's journey (found in stories as diverse as Cinderella, Star Wars, and Eat Pray Love) to the story of your life. After addressing key questions such as "Why Write a Memoir?" and "What Are the Rules?" the tutorial helps you identify your own "Call to Adventure," "Approach to the Inmost Cave," and "Return With the Elixir."

What you'll learn in this 36-minute video:

  • How to apply the rules of creative nonfiction to your memoir
  • How to write your own three-act story, step by step
  • Why "small moments" can be as story-worthy as epic trips around the world
  • 10 must-read memoirs to inspire your journey; and much more.

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