30 Days to an Irresistible Novel Bundle

30 Days to an Irresistible Novel Bundle

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From authors Jeff Gerke and Victoria Lynn Schmidt comes two books to help you write your best novel in just 30 days. Not only will you get a clear roadmap for writing a book that satisfies what readers want, but you'll get tangible deadlines with the tools you need to achieve them. From selecting your topic to adhering to tried and true storytelling models, you'll get the expert advice you need to write an irresistible novel from two of the best in the business.

This bundle includes:

  • The Irresistible Novel: The reading public wants a story that will hook them from the first page. You may be a novice or intermediate writer who has attended conferences, workshops and read writing books only to find conflicting "rules" for effective novel writing. In The Irresistible Novel, author Jeff Gerke explains in detail why your main focus must be to engage the reader and provide explicit writing strategies for achieving that. He gives instruction on the common "rules" of writing, and more importantly, when it is appropriate to break them.

  • Book In a Month: Readers will learn to select a story topic that will continue to inspire and motivate them throughout the writing process and draft each act of a story by focusing on specific turning points. Using a combination of realistic goals, achievable weekly schedules, day-by-day instruction, and detailed exercises, Book in a Month will get you to the finish line without the intimidation factor.

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