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Get Started in Writing Bundle

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If you are a first-time novelist looking for guidance, the updated Get Started in Writing Bundle is for you. With nine hand-picked resources, you will gain the skills you need to finally finish your draft! You'll also get proven advice on how to become the business-savvy professional that agents seek and editors want to work with.

Learn to create a compelling story, edit your work for the professional level, push through procrastination, and increase your chances of getting published in today's market. Embrace the writing journey and take your book from the first spark of inspiration all the way to the bestseller list.

Developing a Writing Life (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand webinar, author and Agile Project Manager David R. Slayton teaches techniques to create time for your writing, and incorporating it into your daily life. We’ll look at ways to help you write consistently while avoiding burnout. We’ll also discuss setting achievable goals and breaking the writing process into manageable pieces. Finally, we’ll look at an agile, flexible approach to writing that will help with time management and planning in order to complete a novel in a realistic time frame. ($79.99 value)

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Writing the Book (OnDemand Webinar): From writing to querying to publishing, the path of a debut author is full of surprises—both good and bad. Debut author Nathan Makaryk recounts his own many mistakes learned along the way, and lessons any aspiring author should take to heart before even setting finger to keyboard. He’ll share the “things nobody tells you” about getting published, and how the reality of getting the book contract compares to expectations. ($79.99 value) 

I Got This Idea...: How to Turn Ideas Into Stories (OnDemand Webinar): Where do ideas for mysteries and thrillers come from? How do you take an idea from napkin to novel? In this OnDemand Webinar, critically acclaimed author Rachel Howzell Hall teaches ways to move your good idea from your head onto the page as a full-realized story. ($79.99 value)

Kick the Imposter to the Curb: The Benefits of Allowing Who You Are as a Writer Reflect Who You Are as a Person (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand webinar Sarah J. Sover reveals how embracing every part of who she is, not just her weird side, has helped her find success and confidence in her writing journey. Writers will learn how being true to yourself is one path to discovering who you are as a writer and bringing authenticity to your brand. When you’re not fighting to fit into a mold, everything from novel formation to marketing and outreach feels more natural. ($79.99 value)

How to Use Your Life Experiences to Write Your Novel (OnDemand Webinar): Learn about using truth and past/lived experiences in fiction, and the blurring between fiction versus reality, as well as how fiction can shape reality and vice versa. This OnDemand webinar explores how experiences can inform place and setting, what to avoid when using your past to tell your story, and what writing fiction can teach you about your own life/experiences. ($79.99 value) 

Banish Writer’s Block Forever: How to Be Endlessly Creative (OnDemand Webinar): This OnDemand webinar is jam-packed with practical advice on how to cure writer’s block once and forever. Discover tried-and-true strategies that you can apply in your next writing session to get the words flowing. Instructor Michael La Ronn, a bestselling and prolific author of science fiction, fantasy, and self-help for writers, shares his secrets on how he writes 10 to 15 books per year, and hasn’t suffered from writer’s block in over a decade. ($79.99 value)

A Rough Draft is Better Than No Draft at All (OnDemand Webinar): Embracing the rough draft helps authors write faster, and write more, by giving ourselves permission to be imperfect. In this 57-minute tutorial video, we'll see how getting the story out as fast as possible gives us the raw material with which to build a quality book. ($49.99 value)

The Ultimate Guide of Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts: 450+ Ideas to Feed Your Creativity (Digital Guide):  In The Ultimate Guide of Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts, you’ll find hundreds of writing prompts to help you at any stage of the writing process. Whether you just want to write a quick paragraph on a random topic for a daily creativity outlet or are looking for ideas about creating a new character for your novel, the prompts in this PDF will offer you a match to help start the fire in your pen. ($19.99 value)

Writing Basics 2010 (Digital Issue): Writer's Digest Yearbook presents Writing Basics: a collection of 2010's best articles surrounding the subject of kickstarting your writing journey. Articles cover topics such as how to draw your readers in from page one, myths about the publishing industry, answers to the most common questions asked by new writers, and more. ($5.99 value) 

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