How To Create A Brilliant Love Story OnDemand Webinar

How To Create A Brilliant Love Story OnDemand Webinar

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If you're writing a love story, you need to understand the hidden structures of how the genre works. There are many patterns that you can use to both start and also shape your love story. Seeing how the great love story creators have pleased audiences gives you a huge advantage.

Whether you're writing a love story like THE NOTEBOOK, or an adventure romance like TITANIC or AVATAR, there are many patterns, secrets and rules that Peter Russell has discovered in his years of script doctoring, consulting and now selling his own work. Learn them here. They work in TV, too (HIGHLANDER, Judd Apatow's LOVE).

Peter has used these secrets to help shape the mini-series he co-wrote and sold in 2017, THE MAGNIFICENT JACK JOHNSON, a historical mini-series that includes elements of a love story and an adventure romance.


  • How lovers fall in love in stories (it's not like real life)
  • How 'rescue' forms the bond i adventure romance
  • The four places in all stories where the lovers change
  • The relationship that always forms the partnership
  • What happens the instant the lovers meet
  • Why love stories are rarely about sex
  • Why chemistry is everything for one sex, but not the other
  • How women fall in love in love stories
  • What is the 'promise' a man must give a woman in a love story


  • Writers who are stuck in their love story
  • Writers who want to attract both male and female audiences for their story
  • Creators who need to deepen their lovers
  • Creators in another genre who want to include a love story
  • Writers who want to create an original adventure romance
  • Creators who don't understand the structure of the love story
  • Writers who want to create TV series love stories
  • Novelist (romance and other genres) who want to sell to Hollywood

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