How to Write a Contest-Winning Screenplay (to Jump-Start Your Career) OnDemand Webinar

How to Write a Contest-Winning Screenplay (to Jump-Start Your Career) OnDemand Webinar

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Screenplay contests are one of the few avenues available to writers with no industry contacts. Entering contests can garner writers exposure to the gatekeepers in Hollywood. Knowing how to write a screenplay that will attract and charm the contest judges is a necessary first-step to moving your screenwriting career forward. But there is a very short window after winning or placing high in a contest where agents, producers, and directors will be receptive to reading more of your work. To capitalize on the moment, you have to be prepared to answer the inevitable "So, what else do you have?" This ondemand webinar will demystify how to write a contest-winning screenplay with practical tips, and will prepare you for taking the next step in your Hollywood career after you win!


• Strategies for increasing your chances of placing high in or winning a screenplay contest
• How to choose which screenplay contests are best for you and your writing
• How to best structure, pace, and format your script
• How to market your script
• How to maximize your return on contest submission fees
• How to choose a genre that will give your work the best chance of winning
• What to do immediately after you win a screenplay contest
• How to network at writing conferences featuring screenplay contests


• Writers who want to place high in or win screenplay contests
• Writers who want exposure for their screenwriting career
• Writers who want to attract literary representation
• Writers who want to parlay a contest-winning script into a career
• Writers who want to build a loyal industry fan-base for their writing
• Writers who want to take their screenwriting craft to the next level

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