Marketing as a Filmmaker: How & Why to Build Your Personal Brand OnDemand Webinar

Marketing as a Filmmaker: How & Why to Build Your Personal Brand OnDemand Webinar

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Whether networking at in-person events, interviewing for a staffing position or trying to be discovered online, all creative professionals working in the film and video world today face the million dollar question of "Who are you?" And, as importantly, the often silent question that follows shortly after inside the mind of the asker -- which is "And why should I care?" In order to be a contender in today's world of endless chatter, you need a truly original personal branding story to break through the noise. Additionally, you also need the know-how on what tools and tactics at your disposal are worth the investment of your time to move your personal brand ahead.

This webinar will teach you as a filmmaker the marketing basics of forming a truly relevant and captivating brand story. The presenter, Kathy Berardi, will provide you with a process that addresses both what your audience needs to know, as well as what only you can provide. Whether you're a writer, producer, actor, director or any hybrid role in between -- you'll walk away with a 60-second "elevator pitch" about yourself that will leave those who hear it in your targeted audience taking you and your career goals seriously. Using tactics that have helped many an unknown startup brand and their spokesperson to attain market attention, Kathy will demonstrate personal storytelling, positioning and messaging exercises from a marketing perspective to infuse into how you present yourself to the entertainment world. In addition, Kathy will also cover the basics of introductory personal, as well as project-specific, marketing campaigns to make the most of today's digitally engaging online and socially interactive platforms to attract, connect and engage a targeted audience.

Kathy Berardi is an expert in driving online marketing strategies to help individuals and brands grow their fan base; engage the media, online influencers and followers alike with news, videos, promotions and incentives; and share creative content in blogs and email marketing in a collective digital effort to increase awareness as well as build buzz and product sales. In addition, Kathy also manages digital marketing campaigns for Hollywood screenwriters & personalities, independent and traditionally published authors, small press publishers, non profit organizations/events and thought leaders in business. A writer herself, Kathy holds an MFA in screenwriting from the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television and has received awards for her scripts and short films.


  • Why you need a personal brand story and how to make it interesting.
  • How to pitch yourself in a conversational way in 60-seconds or less.
  • How to customize and tailor your personal brand story depending on the audience you're delivering it to.
  • What social media and promotional tools are best for a project and what platforms should be used for one-on-one professional relationship building.
  • How to gain long-term interest in your projects by building a highly valued level of credibility that earns trust and respect by a targeted audience.


  • Writers & creative professionals who need to speak with confidence about their work.
  • Writers who need to personally define how they're unique.
  • Writers in a pitch environment who need to break out from the crowd.
  • Filmmakers who need to stand out and make their mark in film festival networking.
  • Filmmakers who are trying to make a more prominent mark for themselves in a new medium.
  • Filmmakers who need successful strategies for promoting a project.
  • Creative individuals who need advice on where to start when trying to develop a career in entertainment.
  • Content creators who need to sell themselves as viable investments by sponsors to produce.

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