The Hidden Secrets of the Fantasy Movie or TV Story OnDemand Webinar

The Hidden Secrets of the Fantasy Movie or TV Story OnDemand Webinar

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The fantasy genre is hot right now on TV and in film, whether in Game of Thrones or in Stranger Things, or even in the comic twists of Deadpool! But all these fantasies, no matter how 'new', share common deep structures. Learn what they are from a working pro in Hollywood.

Peter has sold two scripts in 2018, and is UCLA's Teacher of the Year. He's studied, deeply, the patterns of the new fantasy story, and will talk about the variations on the trends, as well as the foundations of this amazing genre. He takes you step by step through the story creation.

Learn the questions to ask about your own story, whether you are just beginning the creation of your fantasy or seek to perfect it. This class is for fantasy writers of all stripes! And yes, it is for fantasy novelists, too, who seek to create great story that can also make for great screen narrative.


  • What all great fantasy has in common
  • The different kinds of fantasy and how to choose yours
  • Why you don't have to 'follow the fantasy rules' - and which to break
  • How some of the more radical new fantasies twist the standard patterns
  • How to decide what the scope of your first fantasy should be
  • Some of the common mistakes beginning fantasy writers make
  • Are you really writing fantasy? Can you combine it with science fiction?


  • Writers who are looking to finish their fantasy story
  • Writers wanting to turn their fantasy novel into a movie
  • Writers wanting to sculpt a fantasy that can work as a TV series
  • Writers who are 'stuck' in their fantasy storylines
  • Worldbuilding and how to do it in an original way
  • How fantasy heroes in television different from film
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves

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