Writer's Digest September 2011 (PDF)

Writer's Digest September 2011 (PDF)

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The Big 10 Issue

10 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Thinking Like a Comedy Writer
by Leigh Anne Jasheway

10 Ways to Tell If Your Story Should Be a Memoir or a Novel
by Adair Lara

10 Ways to Harness Fear and Fuel Your Writing
by Sage Cohen

10 Great Travel Destinations for Writers
by Zachary Petit & Jessica Strawser
PLUS: 10 Things for Every Writer's Bucket List

The Big 10 WD Interview: 10 Genres. 10 Bestsellers. 10 Q&As.
by the Writer's Digest staff
Kristin Hannah
A.J. Jacobs
Paula McLain
Jeff Kinney
Donald Miller
Jeannette Walls
ZZ Packer
John Scalzi
Christine Feehan
Justin Halpern


Think Like a Shrink
Steal a page from the psychology world using these 10 methods to get the most from your interviews.
by Mark Cantrell

  • Top Shelf: 10 Editors' Picks
  • 10 Prompts to Take 10 For
  • 10 Legendary Literary Tweets
  • Poetic Asides: The Big 10
  • Odd Jobs of 10 Literary Greats


Ask the Agent:
Take 10 With Scott Eagan of Greyhaus Literary Agency
by Jane Friedman

Breaking In:
10 Notable Debuts
by Chuck Sambuchino

Questions & Quandaries:
10 Myth-Busting Answers to 10 FAQs on Writing and Publishing
by Brian A. Klems

Your Story:
Larry on the Lam
by Michael Bartolomei
PLUS: A Big 10–Inspired Photo Prompt

Standout Markets:
Keys to Cracking 10 Top Markets
by Adria Haley

Conference Scene:
10 Common Snafus to Avoid
by Linda Formichelli

Reject a Hit:
10 Rapid-Fire Spoof-Rejections of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Power Up Your Fiction by 10

10 Ways to Launch Strong Scenes
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

10 Tips to Bypass Cliché and Melodrama
by Peter Selgin


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