Writing Dialogue: The Conversation Collection

Writing Dialogue: The Conversation Collection

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Effective dialogue is a key tool in any writer’s skillset. Done right, dialogue can create conflict, drama, humor, and intrigue with only a few words, and it can deepen your reader’s engagement in the story. Still, it can be tricky to master; how can you capture all the nuance of the spoken word?

In Writing Dialogue: The Conversation Collection, we’ve compiled seven of our Writer’s Digest Shop products to help writers improve and perfect their dialogue writing. This bundle is perfect for writers who are new to writing dialogue, but also for writers who are interested in digging into the ideas and conventions behind excellent dialogue. Instructors for the OnDemand webinars include Elizabeth Sims, Emily Gray Tedrowe, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, and James Scott Bell. Also included in the bundle is our Writer’s Digest March/April 2022 Digital Edition, featuring an article on dialogue and character development, as well as an interview with Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James.

What's Said and Unsaid: Crafting Dialogue in Fiction (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, instructor Emily Gray Tedrowe teaches specific strategies for creating effective, compelling dialogue in stories and novels. She looks at several examples from successful writers and analyze their choices. She also discusses direct, indirect, and summarized dialogue and what each has to offer. Writers also consider the great potential in subtext, swear words, and lies (in fiction that is!). ($79.99 value)

Strategies for Writing Compelling Dialogue (OnDemand Webinar): In this OnDemand Webinar, writers study the techniques for writing great dialogue that develops both plot and character. Crime fiction presents unique challenges and opportunities for writers, and this Webinar shows how to effectively use subtext, dialect, and action to accentuate tension. Techniques for avoiding the dialogue "tennis match" and concentrating meaning are explored as well. ($79.99 value)

How To Write Dialogue Like A Pro (OnDemand Webinar): This OnDemand webinar, written and presented by instructor and award-winning novelist Elizabeth Sims, gives you the same tools the pros use to craft terrific dialogue. Elizabeth starts by unlocking the great paradox of dialogue: Authors must write dialogue that comes across as real and believable, yet why does actual speech usually sound so dumb when transcribed onto the page? She covers the basics of good dialogue, then moves into the nuts and bolts of generating ideas for dialogue, how to use characters' words—instead of narrative—to bring them to life, and how to stay out of trouble when writing tricky passages. ($79.99 value)

How to Craft Sizzling Dialogue Video Download (Tutorial): Dialogue is the fastest way to improve, or sink, a manuscript. In this tutorial taught by James Scott Bell (jamesscottbell.com), discover techniques that can be applied instantly to your writing. Learn how to craft sizzling dialogue and elevate your manuscript in the eyes of agents, editors, and readers! ($39.99 value) 

Writer's Digest March/April 2022 (Digital Edition): This edition of Writer's Digest Magazine includes the article Double Duty: Showing Character Development Through Dialogue, which dicsusses expanding the idea of POV to include not just how a story is told, but how a character views and experiences the world, and how that can develop and change over the course of a story, this article offers five tips for using dialogue to aid POV. (By Aigner Loren Wilson.) ($7.99 value) 

Writer's Workbook 2017 Download (Digital Edition): Writer's Workbook, the 2017 edition of the annual Writer's Digest Yearbook publication, includes 19 prompts to overcome creative blocks, and articles on the essentials of the craft, nonfiction writing techniques, and fiction writing techniques. ($9.99 value)

How to Use Point of View and Voice to Shape Compelling Stories (OnDemand Webinar): Voice is one of the most important elements of hooking and maintaining readers’ attention through a novel, yet it often remains elusive and difficult to pin down. In this OnDemand Webinar, Jennifer Givhan investigates how to captivate readers through one crucial element of voice: point of view. Discovering whether our story demands first-person POV, close third, omniscient, or some combination of these often forces us to ask ourselves “Whose story is this, really?” which in turn leads to “What story is this, really?” Discover how POV can bolster your storytelling techniques and home in on the heart of your novels. ($79.99 value)

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