Writing Great Horror Film and TV OnDemand Webinar

Writing Great Horror Film and TV OnDemand Webinar

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Discover the little-known tricks of the trade that are vital to writing and marketing this money-making genre with Writing a Great Horror Film and TV Shows. In this live webinar, award-winning screenwriter Glenn M. Benest will cover the unique methods for writing commercial horror scripts and creating scares for your audience.

Through analysis of scenes from well-known horror films along with student examples from past classes, you'll learn the techniques they employed to make their projects truly memorable.


  • How to use more than just fear and terror to create the right mood
  • How to break tension with humor, with relief and fake jumps
  • How to create relatable characters in compromising, scary situations
  • How horror is all about dark secrets and "the tease"
  • The importance of a truly horrible villain
  • Horror sub genres, including The Creature Feature, Slasher, Teen Horror, Zombie/Vampire, Horror/Comedy, Horror/Romance, Torture and Supernatural
  • What is unique about horror that doesn't relate to any other genre
  • What many great horror films have in common


  • Anyone who is writing or plans to write a horror film
  • Any screenwriter who would like to learn about this genre
  • Producers, directors and development people who are interested in helping screenwriters hone their craft in the horror field

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