An Insider's Guide to Landing a Book Deal OnDemand Webinar

An Insider's Guide to Landing a Book Deal OnDemand Webinar

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In this webinar with publishing industry insider Alan Rinzler, you'll get a candid and revealing view of what happens behind closed doors in agents' and publishers' offices. A veteran editor with years of experience and hundreds of books published explains what it takes in today's publishing climate to not only land a book deal, but to land the best possible deal, with the best possible publisher.

What you'll learn:

  • How to navigate the constantly changing twists and turns of today's changing book business,and get that book deal in an increasingly competitive environment
  • How to develop meaningful connections with agents and editors who can impact your career
  • How to write a winning book proposal for fiction and nonfiction projects;an absolute must for a traditional book deal
  • How to build a platform (and why you need one) even before your book is completed
  • How to use self-publishing as a strategy for getting a book deal

Alan Rinzler is Executive Editor at Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons. He previously worked at Simon and Schuster, Grove Press, Macmillan, Holt, was Director of Trade Books at Bantam, and the original Vice-President and Associate Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine. He's edited and published Toni Morrison (Bluest Eye), Hunter S. Thompson (Fear & Loathing on the Campaign), and other notable authors, including Robert Ludlum, Andy Warhol, Shirley MacLaine, and Clive Cussler. .

Who should attend?

  • Have never been published by a commercial house
  • Have been published but want a better deal next time around
  • Are seeking an agent
  • Are planning to submit without an agent
  • Are thinking about self-publishing first as a strategy for getting a better deal down the road

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