Digital Issue: Writer's Digest Yearbook 2012

Digital Issue: Writer's Digest Yearbook 2012

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You'll Love This Edition of Writer's Digest Yearbook If:

  • You're a fan of Writer's Digest
  • You want a year in review of 2011 in terms of publishing news
  • You are new to writing or an advanced writer looking for tips on advancing your writing career

If you want to become a writer, you have to take your craft seriously. One of the best ways to stay abreast of trends and news within the publishing industry is with the Writer's Digest Yearbook 2012.

This annual publication summarizes what happened within publishing the year prior, and condenses it all into one book for writers. You'll find articles with strategies and tips for advancing your career, interview techniques, exercises to improve your writing, instruction on the basics such as how to pitch an article idea to an editor or how to avoid rejection from an agent, and, for published authors, tips for marketing and promoting your book.

No matter what type of writer you are , fiction, nonfiction, or freelance , this trusted guide for writers can take your writing (and career) to the next level! Buy Writer's Digest Yearbook 2012 today!

In This Yearbook You'll Learn:

  • The best ways to interview a subject
  • How to market and promote your book
  • How to pitch editors and make money in freelance writing

What You'll Find Inside:

2011: The Year in Review

Get the scoop on the latest news and trends in the book and magazine industries,and how they will impact your writing life.
by Linda Formichelli

A Freelancers Workshop
The Switch Hitter
Why be exclusive? The beauty of being a freelancer is that you can play in the consumer and trade fields. Pitch both markets to earn more bylines,and paychecks.
By Roger Morris

The Interview Couch
Think like a therapist and get your subjects to open up for better stories.
By Mark Cantrell

The Big Sell
Lucky enough to land a one-on-one meeting with an editor? Follow these 5 tips to advance your writing career.
By John Moir

The Freelancers' Not-So-Fabulous Foursome
Writers share their biggest pet peeves,and the best ways to tackle them.
By Kelly James-Enger

Build Your Book's Success
Navigate the Path to Publication
Hitting roadblocks on your way to making it big? Take stock of how and where you're headed, and adjust your course for success.
By Jane Friedman

Sidestep the Slush Pile
Learn when (and why) agents stop reading manuscripts on the first page,and how to strengthen your submission success.
By Kristin Nelson

Move From "Rejected" to "Accepted"
Received another ding letter? Good for you! Use the hidden lessons it provides to take your work one step closer to publication.
By Wendy Burt-Thomas

Build a Strong Fiction Platform
Penning the Great American Novel isn't enough these days,you've got to be able to promote yourself. Notable novelists share their secrets for boosting your profile and creating lasting fans.
By Christina Katz

Book Publicity in the Real World
A veteran-editor-turned-first-time-author shares 5 facts to help you increase your book's buzz.
By Chuck Sambuchino

For Your Reference
101 Best Websites for Writers
Use this hand-picked digital reference roundup to all things writing-related,from inspiration to publication and more,as your online muse.
By Brian A. Klems

The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers
Can't find time to scour thousands of listings to track down the perfect markets for your work? Don't worry. Here's our annual shortlist, guaranteed to simplify your search.
By Tiffany Luckey

The Writing Barometer
Take this (tongue-in-cheek) quiz to find out if your writing is high-, middle- or lowbrow.
By Bob Woodiwiss

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