Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write with Confidence OnDemand Webinar

Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write with Confidence OnDemand Webinar

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  • You feels stuck
  • You wondes, ‚ÄúAm I any good?"
  • You think you don't have enough time to write
  • You think the market is too crowded or that you have to be lucky to succeed
  • You feel afraid of failure


If you love to write and have a story you want to tell, the only thing that can stand between you and the success you're seeking isn't craft, or a good agent, or enough Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but fear. Fear that you aren't good enough, or fear the market is too crowded, or fear no one wants to hear from you.

Fortunately, you can't write and be afraid simultaneously. The question is whether you will write fearlessly or on purpose. In this ondemand webinar, author William Kenower will look at several techniques you can you use to keep yourself in the creative flow and out of the trouble and misery fear always causes.


  • How to identify the mother of all writing fears
  • The only two questions a writer should ever ask
  • How to listen to your unerring guidance
  • Why paying attention to how you feel is important
  • We will also the address the very specific concerns of each attendee, whether it's time, voice, or money.


William Kenower is the author of Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write With Confidence, and Write Within Yourself: An Author's Companion, the Editor-in-Chief of Author magazine, and a sought-after speaker and teacher. In addition to his books he's been published inThe New York Times, Edible Seattle, Parent Map, Tifferet Journal, and has been a featured blogger for the Huffington Post. His video interviews with hundreds of writers from Nora Ephron, to Amy Tan, to William Gibson are widely considered the best of their kind on the Internet. He also hosts the online radio program Author2Author where every week he and a different guest discuss the books we write and the lives we lead.

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