Writer's Digest September/October 2020 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest September/October 2020 Digital Edition

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In a special double issue for September/October 2020, Writer's Digest considers the theme The Future Is … The world has changed dramatically in the past several months and that change is likely to continue well beyond the fall. This has made all of us look at our writing through a new lens. That might mean considering one's own writing goals for the future or finding an agent, or that might mean considering how advancing technology will impact how mystery/crime writers will keep readers guessing. We'll cover this and much, much more. This issue's articles include:

+ The Annual Agent Round-Up

If your writing future involves getting your writing out into the world, working with an agent will be an invaluable experience. This round-up includes dozens of agents who are actively looking to take on new writers in a multitude of genres. They share tips about how to submit and insights about what will help you get your manuscript to the top of pile. Read carefully to find the agent who's right for you. By Robert Lee Brewer and Cassandra Lipp

+ The Dos and Don'ts of Strong Female Leads

The next generation of readers is smarter and more socially aware than ever before. A teen writer shares four strategies for how to write strong female characters that middle-grade and young-adult readers can actually connect to. By Lorena Koppel-Torres

+ Genre Fluidity

Sometimes all it takes to move from failure to success is a change in perspective and in this case that means considering switching genres. A New York Times bestselling author shares how she, and many of her students, have found publishing success by reframing their stories for a genre other than their original intended genre. By Susan Shapiro

+ The Future Is Yours to Create

Milestone life events and upheavals in the world often spark reflection on the life you live and for writers, that means taking stock of what you hoped to achieve with your writing. Do you want to publish a novel? Do you want to get an article in the newspaper that could affect change? This article offers an action plan help you get back on track with your goals and create the writing future you want. By Nina Amir

+ The Future of Crime (Writing)

It might seem that advances in technology would make it harder for writers of crime fiction to create a story that keeps the hero (and readers) from figuring out who-done-it too quickly. In this round table, some of the leading crime writers (Rob Hart, Kimberly Howe, Rachel Howzell Hall, Kirk Russell, Robin Stuart, and Robert Dugoni) offer ideas and insights for how writers can make these advances work to their advantage. By David Corbett

+ The Writer's Social Responsibility

In January 1970, Writer's Digest featured an article by this title. Here, we present an updated take on the topic by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Connie Schultz.

+ The WD Interview with Beverly Jenkins

This superstar of the romance writing world shares how she finds inspiration for her characters from real-life heroes hidden in the archives of history, what's changed in her decades in the industry, her goal to “edutain" her readers, and her lifelong love of libraries. By Amy Jones

In addition, readers will be treated to an essay on the innovative ways writers can structure memoirs, as well as a special Writer's Workbook on working with agents. This issue also includes the latest regular columns from WD editors, “Notes from the Margins," by Amy Jones, a behind-the-scenes look at the book publishing industry; and “Publishing Insights," from Robert Brewer, on hot writing markets. This issue also contains all the regular columns and departments readers know and love, like Take Two on screenwriting, IndieLab for self-published authors, Conference Scene, Poetic Asides, Meet the Agent, Funny You Should Ask, and more.

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