<strong>2nd Draft Critique Service (price per page)</strong>

2nd Draft Critique Service (price per page)

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You'll Love This Writing Critique Service If:

  • You're looking for a professional critique for your manuscript
  • You need feedback and recommendations on what to change and what to keep
  • You want a clear idea of how to revise your manuscript

Ensure your manuscript skips the slush pile and lands on the desk of an acquisitions editor or literary agent and , get a 2nd Draft critique! When you send in at least 50 consecutive pages of your manuscript for review, you'll get an overall evaluation on your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses.

Writing fiction? You'll receive comments on your plot, characterization, dialogue, and setting. Have a nonfiction piece in the works? Get suggestions on the focus, development, organization, clarity and visual elements (if applicable). You'll also get feedback on your proposed target market and audience. Plus, a professional critique editor will point out (but not correct for you) any consistent issues within your manuscript pertaining to grammar, mechanics, spelling, or style. Not all critique editors prepare their comments the same way or use track changes. Some reviewers provide the critique as a summary.

Get a clear idea of how to revise your writing and make your work stand out! Use our 2nd Draft Services along with our webinars and online writing workshops to develop your writing skills, land an agent, and secure a book deal!

Our 2nd Draft Critique Editors Will Not:

  • Rewrite or revise for you, except in the case of providing an example of how to revise on your own.
  • Correct grammar, mechanics and spelling. This requires our 2nd Draft Proofreading service. However, a reviewer will point out any patterns of surface-level error that may pose a significant problem for you.
  • Check and correct for style (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style or AP style). This requires a professional copyeditor or proofreader.
  • Provide any fact-checking.
  • Provide answers or advice on legal issues.

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What Customers Are Saying About 2nd Draft...

"I was extremely pleased with the results I got from 2nd Draft. As a new writer, I was dying for some professional advice after finishing my first novel. The critique I received was invaluable. My editor, Terri Valentine, sent me a personal letter giving me advice on everything from POV flaws to grammatical mistakes to ways of making my book more of a page turner. In addition, she left comments, corrections, and suggestions throughout the pages I sent her. I will be forever grateful. Thank you 2nd Draft!" , Kim Chavez
"2nd Draft offered me a professional pair of fresh eyes and the spit shine my manuscript needed. I can now submit my first three chapters without hesitation." , Lynne Ellis Marino

Minimum length requirement

To take advantage of 2nd Draft, you must have at least 50 consecutive manuscript pages ready for review. You're welcome to submit as many consecutive pages as you like, though they must all be from the same work.

Formatting Requirements

Please format your work to meet these standards before completing your purchase to ensure you purchase the correct number of pages.

All documents, with the exception of the query letter which is single-spaced, must be submitted electronically in ONE of the following formats:

  • Word document (.doc or .docx)
  • Rich Text File (.rtf)

All documents MUST adhere to the professional manuscript formatting standards, which are:

  • 8.5 x 11 page size
  • Double-spacing throughout
  • 1-inch margins on top and bottom
  • 1.25-inch margins on left and right sides
  • Arial, Courier, or Times font
  • 12-point font size

*If your manuscript does not meet these formatting requirements, we will either return the document to you for correction, or we will apply these settings ourselves when possible, and only critique the number of pages you have paid for.*

There are no refunds for this service. No discounts apply.

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