A Guide to Writing the True Story Screenplay OnDemand Webinar

A Guide to Writing the True Story Screenplay OnDemand Webinar

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In the most recent award seasons, true stories or reality dramas were incredibly effective in terms of screenplay, film direction, and actor performances. (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, for example.) Today's actor knows that playing a "real life character" is the best way to change his or her perception in the marketplace. Therefore, the best way for a "bankable actor" or agent to read a screenplay is to tell an effective true life story. In this webinar, Robert Boris will help you do precisely that.

Robert believes that learning by watching how it is done is the most effective teaching tool. In this webinar, he will take you through the process of writing an Historical Drama, step-by-step. You will see how he has used this process throughout his entire career.

Robert Boris

Robert Boris wrote and won the WGA award for BLOOD FEUD. And he has written several movies based on true stories, including: FRANK AND JESSE, IZZY AND MOE, and THE NIGHT MARILYN DIED. He is also the author of GROWING UP GRACELAND based on a year in the life of Elvis after he returned from the Army.


  • How to find the dramatic storyline in the historical topic you have chosen.
  • How to define the main characters in this true story, and how these characters can effectively help you tell your story.
  • How to support your story with multiple sources, so you can secure an E&O POLICY, the legal insurance you will need before any studio or production company proceeds with your movie.
  • How to pick and chose, and then use the "actual events" that shape your hero, so that you can write complex characters that attract significant talent.
  • How to begin supplemental research, so you can find the A & B storylines that support and enhance your protagonist's odyssey.
  • Where and when you can take poetic license and write creatively within the confines of your true story.
  • How to make sure you have vetted your factual events, so the internet and the blogosphere does not tear you story to shreds.
  • How to track down and talk to any possible living witnesses to your historical drama, and how to uncover the confirming data you will need in your story.
  • How to navigate the complex and fascinating world of the true story, and combine all the exciting new facts your learn...into a compelling and winning screenplay.

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