A Pro Screenwriter's Keys to Writing a Page Turner OnDemand Webinar

A Pro Screenwriter's Keys to Writing a Page Turner OnDemand Webinar

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In this live webinar, you'll learn how to write more readable scripts by using proven techniques honed in the trenches of Hollywood by a veteran screen and television writer with more produced credits than any other script consultant in Hollywood.

You'll learn how to hook the reader and never let him go; how to write a page turner, how to flow write - which makes your script easy to read and easier to sell; as well learn a contemporary structural motif that is far better than the antiquated three act structure. You will learn techniques that will aid you in writing the script you want to write.


  • An alternative, more contemporary screenwriting structure.
  • The techniques to write a page turner.
  • How to make you script easier to read.
  • How to evaluate what you write in terms of your objectives.
  • How write more efficiently.
  • How understanding visual geography will make your script more readable.
  • Techniques to make your rough draft better, closer and take less time.
  • How to survive in Hollywood.
  • How to weight your writing for better readability.
  • How transcending yourself will improve you script.


  • Screenwriters looking to learn effective tools for writing compelling scripts.
  • Screenwriters who want to make their script more readable.
  • Screenwriters wanting to write more efficiently.
  • Any screenwriter period.

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