Basics and Beyond Tutorial: Final Draft 9 OnDemand Webinar

Basics and Beyond Tutorial: Final Draft 9 OnDemand Webinar

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Most writers don't get into screenwriting for the pleasure of formatting scripts; if anything, the opposite tends to be true: formatting a script is often an additional struggle on the road to getting a project made.

But that doesn't have to be the way. Not only can formatting software like Final Draft 9 make the process much smoother and less stressful, a little extra time learning some of the lesser-known features can actually transform the task of formatting a script from a pain to a pleasure.

During this live webinar for veteran users of Final Draft and new users alike, you'll learn to unleash the power of this essential screenwriting program. Instructor Mario O. Moreno, who's used the program to craft over a dozen of his own projects, and has helped writers advance their knowledge of Final Draft since Final Draft 5 was the new kid on the block, will visually guide users through the basic features every writer should know and the advanced, time-saving options more writers wish they knew.


• Choosing the right template
• Different ways to utilize the elements menu
• How to use SmartType and save time
• Creating, editing and saving title pages
• Customizing your toolbar
• How to save to PDF
• How to collaborate with writers who are still using previous version of Final Draft


• Writers who have scripts to write but are intimidated by learning new software
• Writers who just purchased Final Draft
• Writers who've been using Final Draft for years and want to use it more effectively
• Writers who know what they want to say, but don't know how to "just add words"

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