Breaking in Outside of Hollywood OnDemand Webinar

Breaking in Outside of Hollywood OnDemand Webinar

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When screenwriters ask an industry insider for advice, the most common response writers hear is, "Move to L.A." But Jeanne Veillette Bowerman says, "Not so fast."

Jeanne has built a strong network for herself right from her country home in New York State while only making a handful of trips to L.A. a year. She'll show you her key secrets and how to navigate the plethora of social media outlets available.

This on-demand webinar covers creative, out-of-the-box strategies to use right from the comfort of your home, miles away from the Hollywood hills, and still have a shot at breaking down the barriers and breaking in.

Learn the secrets to preparing for a successful trip to L.A. and how to continue building those relationships after you're back home. When you live far from L.A., networking is crucial. Learn the enigma surrounding networking-and find out how to create a strong community of support.

Traveling to pitchfests requires time and money. Learn how to get the best bang for your buck at a pitching event and turn a five-minute pitch meeting into a relationship that lasts years.


• Resources for learning online
• Social media platforms and tips
• How to build a strong community of support
• The importance of creating your own website
• Planning your trips to L.A. to maximize your success
• The do's and don'ts of pitchfests
• A checklist of what you need before you pitch to a producer or an agent
• What to do after a networking trip
• How to keep your name in sight even when you're miles away
• Newbie mistakes to avoid


• Writers who live outside of L.A
• Writers who have a script ready and want to know the next step
• Writers who have social media phobia
• Writers who need networking tips
• Writers looking for resources on the craft and business
• Writers wanting to maximize pitchfest trips
• Writers who want to create their own website
• Writers who need the push to get past their fears

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