Building a Screenwriting Career from Outside LA OnDemand Webinar

Building a Screenwriting Career from Outside LA OnDemand Webinar

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  • Are you an aspiring filmmaker who wants to make it in Hollywood-while living somewhere else in the world?
  • Have you written one or more scripts, but aren't sure where to go next with them?
  • Do you want to make movies, but believe your living situation is holding you back?
  • In short, are you hoping to find success in the world of TV and film, but lack a plan to get there?
Great news: There are many far more important factors than your geographic location that determine your success on the world stage. Thankfully, Timothy has the strategies you need to develop your skills, build an impressive portfolio, and even meet the right people who can get your scripts made-no matter where you live, and no matter what your family, career, or economic situation.

With the proliferation of digital content and the democratization of filmmaking tools, you can have the career you seek-and get noticed from anywhere. But it's going to take focused work and an informed plan...which are exactly what this seminar will provide!

We'll start by studying profiles of the many A-list screenwriters who built their skills elsewhere in the world, even capitalizing on their "outsider" status to develop their writing voice. Then we'll reveal the best networking tools, study materials, and other resources you should be using to tilt the odds in your favor. Finally, we'll discuss how to find agents, managers, producers, and directors who'll be on your side, helping shepherd your particular brand of creativity to all the right people.

Timothy has taught screenwriting and filmmaking at New York University, Yale, the Writers Guild of America, and more, while consulting on hundreds of productions in NYC, L.A., and worldwide. With his encouragement and experience as your guide, you'll learn how to harness your valuable time and resources to build the filmmaking career you seek-no matter where you are or what you've done before!

Once you take this class, you'll clearly understand the steps necessary to achieve artistic and even financial success in this field. You'll enhance your craft by focusing on the techniques, material, and voice that Hollywood is actually looking for-whether you're writing the most indie film, the broadest network sitcom, or the most action-packed summer blockbuster. Armed with Timothy's passion and insight, you'll leave this invaluable seminar with a definitive plan to push your career to the next level.


By the end of this information-packed class, you'll have discovered:

  • The skill that's far more important than raw talent-that you can start developing immediately
  • How to make genuine Hollywood contacts no matter where you live
  • The common trait shared by every single script that sells
  • 3 key differences between professional writers and amateurs
  • Why studios and producers are genuinely looking for someone just like you
  • Techniques to always make time for writing, even with a busy family, work, or school schedule
  • The #1 secret to successful networking
  • The most common mistake that writers outside L.A. frequently fall into
  • Why you never have to worry about "selling" yourself-just "being" yourself
  • Why the first 10 pages are critical to make your script get noticed
  • What producers, agents, managers, and contests are ACTUALLY looking for in new writers
  • 4 ways to guarantee readers keep turning your script's pages
  • Which contests can genuinely help your career-and which to totally avoid
  • How to make mangers and agents come to you (seriously!)
  • 3 vital ways to stand out from the crowd-and 3 completely misguided ways to stand out too
  • When to wait for funding vs. when to make your own film
  • The best ways to immerse yourself in this industry, even from your own home
  • How to find a community of peers-and why it's so important
  • Foolproof methods to thrive at pitch meetings, conferences, and networking events
  • What it's actually like to work in this industry
  • How to turn this into a career-and how to know if you're ready for it


  • Aspiring filmmakers who want to bring their art to the next level
  • Creators who want to not just view content, but make it
  • Beginning writers seeking guidance as they make their first foray into this competitive industry
  • More experienced screenwriters who want to get their work into Hollywood executives' hands
  • Those who've already made videos, short films, or web series, but now hope to increase their viewership
  • Writers who have been honing their skills at home and online, but are now ready for something more
  • Creatives looking to get staffed and/or find representation with an agent or manager
  • People who've already written a number of spec scripts, and are eager to take the next step
  • Screenwriters eager to place in major TV contests and fellowships (Nicholl, HBO, Austin, Sundance, Amazon, etc.)
  • Novelists, journalists, and writers from other mediums who are thinking of diving into the world of film and TV
  • Those with other careers who've been curious about what it takes to make it in L.A.
  • Anyone who has a unique story to tell, and understands that film and television are the best ways to make your voice heard!

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