Cashing In on the Second Golden Age of TV OnDemand Webinar

Cashing In on the Second Golden Age of TV OnDemand Webinar

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HBO is planning to buy approximately 200 new pilots this year. To put this in perspective, if recent trends continue, we'll probably see somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 feature spec scripts sell this year, meaning HBO will purchase more scripts than all of the movie studios combined.

And HBO is just one buyer. Add in all the other cable and broadcast channels, plus Amazon and Netflix, and you quickly realize why so many writers are rushing to cash in on this second golden age of television. In my writing classes alone, I've seen forty-seven of my students sell pilots over the past two years.

But the vast majority of writers seeking to launch TV careers are going to come up empty-handed. Why is that? One of the main reasons is that many of these folks, perhaps unknowingly, are wasting valuable time writing scripts with little to no chance of success. This seminar teaches the specific tools and skills required to write a pilot that can truly stand out and launch your career.


  • What kind of pilots are currently selling
  • The main reasons most pilots are rejected
  • What kind of new projects are the buyers looking for
  • How to know if you should spec or pitch a TV idea
  • Avoiding the 5 most common mistakes writers make with pilots
  • What is required to get an agent or manager to sign you
  • How to know if your pilot script is ready to be read by the industry
  • How to get your pilot script read by the right people


  • Writers looking to sell a pilot script or pitch
  • Writers looking to get staffed
  • Seasoned writers as well as new TV writers
  • Writers who have a script rejected
  • Writers who are about to start a new pilot script
  • Writers who are about to rewrite their existing pilot script

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