Creating a TV Pilot That Goes Outside the Box OnDemand Webinar

Creating a TV Pilot That Goes Outside the Box OnDemand Webinar

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Want to know how to write a pilot that sells? In this 90 minute course, Jen Grisanti will go over how to create compelling concepts with strong series arcs that go outside the box. When the series arc is linked to the wound, you set up an emotional reason for your audience to return.

Shows that reveal the arc of the wound throughout the first season are shows that connect with the audience. You do this by understanding the wound that happens off camera. You connect this wound to the series trigger and dilemma. The series trigger and dilemma should split open this wound. This creates a negative narrative and flaw that causes the central character to get in her/his own way of success. The pilot arc should be one step toward healing the wound.

The success of a series all comes down to the set up of the structure and character in the pilot episode. When we understand why the character wants what they want, you create anticipation for the season as well as the episode.

Jen believes that the key to strong story all comes down to character, structure and conflict. She will go over shows that are outside the box conceptually and have very compelling series arcs.

She will cover shows including -- MARCELLA/Netflix, RIVER/Netflix, HAPPY VALLEY/Netflix and FLEABAG/Amazon.


  • How do set up a strong season arc.
  • How to create a compelling character with a personal dilemma.
  • How to link your series arc and your pilot arc.
  • How to create anticipation through the arc of the wound.
  • How to resolve the pilot pursuit and set up the series.


  • Writers who are writing TV pilots.
  • Writers who want to understand more about how to take their story to a deeper place.
  • Writers who want to know how to better connect with their audience on an emotional level.
  • Writers who have great ideas but don't know how to execute them.
  • Writers that want to sell their pilots.

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