Developing the High-Concept Screenplay OnDemand Webinar

Developing the High-Concept Screenplay OnDemand Webinar

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Modern Hollywood has a torrid love affair with the high-concept feature film. The simpler the concept is, the easier it is to not only sell the property but actually get it green-lit. Industry professionals call them the fast read and smart screenwriters use specific techniques to execute their high-concepts -- whether they be comedies, action-thrillers, or dramas. This webinar will cover those techniques with step-by step instructions and real-life examples that show how to propel your high concept through character, plot and storyline that will expand upon the central premise without slowing the narrative down.

This webinar will cover the craft elements necessary to create a compelling, fast paced narrative screenplay structure for a high-concept script. Topics will include the necessary A- and B-story structure that will keep the reader invested in the outcome. This webinar will demystify the process of writing a high-concept script that avoids tropes and clichés while providing a satisfying, climactic ending that fulfills the promise of your high-concept.


  • How to deconstruct your high-concept into a 3-act structure for maximum dramatic impact.
  • How to identifying your main characters goals in the "A" story that will keep the narration moving forward.
  • How to create a compelling "B" story to keep the audience emotionally invested.
  • How to avoid clich√©s while setting up the all-important, twist ending.
  • Tips on how to develop your high-concept so it doesn't lose steam by the all-important final climax.
  • How to use misdirection to keep your reader guessing and intrigued.
  • How to create tension on the page that keeps the audience watching.
  • How to embed a circular structure that brings character and story full-circle for a satisfying and must re-watch ending.


  • Screenwriters who are interested in writing a compelling script based on a high-concept.
  • Writers who want to develop a simple storyline in a complex and sophisticated structure.
  • Screenwriters who want to avoid clich√©s and tropes in their script.
  • Writers who want to take their genre writing to the next level.
  • Writers who want to develop a script that can be sold in one logline sentence.
  • Screenwriters who want to increase their chances of selling a screenplay by giving Hollywood producers, stars and directors what they want.
  • Screenwriters who want to squeeze every ounce out of their high-concept.

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