Developing a Unique Voice as a Screenwriter OnDemand Webinar

Developing a Unique Voice as a Screenwriter OnDemand Webinar

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Ask any producer and they'll tell you the same thing: the one thing they're looking for when they read a script by new writer is a unique voice that no one else can deliver.

If you're following the same formulas everyone else is using, no matter how good your idea, in today's market you're not going to get that big sale, that contest win, or that work for hire project you need to launch your career.

So how are you supposed to develop that unique voice, while still delivering a marketable script that can live up to the often rigid expectations of the industry and succeed in this highly competitive market?

And how can you use the voice that already exists in you to brand yourself as a writer, win contests, sell scripts, and distinguish yourself from every other writer?

In this groundbreaking seminar with Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you'll learn to get your unique voice onto the page, and shape it in a way that producers will love, readers will rave about, and you will be proud of!

Plus you'll learn valuable tips for branding, marketing, and pitching the elements that make you different from every other writer, so producers, agents, managers and readers can know how to talk about you in ways that get people excited!


  • What producers, agents, managers, readers, festivals and contests are looking for when they read work by new writers.
  • How to stop writing the script that everyone else is writing and start writing the one that only you can write.
  • How to break free of the tired old formulas, while still delivering a marketable script that can succeed in a competitive market.
  • How to brand and market yourself around your voice, and talk about yourself in pitch meetings, conferences and networking events in ways that help distinguish you from the pack.
  • How to capture your reader's attention from the very first line, and get them to stop skimming and visualizing your movie in their minds eye!
  • How to turn even the worst clich√© into an unforgettable moment!
  • How to use your unique voice to sell scripts, win contests, and build your career!


  • Writers who want to stand out from the pack, win contests, sell their scripts and build their careers!
  • Writers who have something to say, and are struggling to get it fully onto the page.
  • Writers struggling to get noticed in the industry, or frustrated with lackluster coverage or critical development notes.
  • Writers who want to build a brand that helps launch their career, around the unique voice that already exists in their writing.
  • Writers who want to transcend the formulas and write scripts that stand out from the pack!
  • Writers who want to know what producers are looking for, and avoid the common mistakes that lead to rejection.
  • Writers who want to study with an industry leader.
  • Writers who want the success and recognition they deserve.
  • Writers who want to have more fun and more inspiration in their writing.
  • Writers who want their writing to be as compelling as possible!

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