The Elements of Story: Transforming Your Novel from Good to Great OnDemand Webinar

The Elements of Story: Transforming Your Novel from Good to Great OnDemand Webinar

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You'll Love This OnDemand Webinar If:

  • Your novel needs improvement
  • You want to improve your storytelling skills
  • You're experiencing story problems, narrative challenges or writer's block
  • You want your readers to fall in love with your stories
  • Your novel has been rejected by agents and editors

Every writer who dreams writing a great story must possess impeccable writing skills and know how to execute the fundamentals of storytelling within a story. In this OnDemand webinar, Larry Brooks teaches you how to write a story by harnessing the power of storytelling engineering and physics.

This online instructional video is for all skill levels, from beginner to published author. Having trouble writing your story? You'll explore storytelling techniques, both the process and execution, and how they can be used to improve your story. Wondering what the elements of a story are? Brooks clearly defines and discusses these important elements. You'll gain a better understanding of what these elements are, and how to blend them within your writing.

Do you have a story already written but feel as though something is missing? Perhaps one of the essential forces or core competencies are missing. Don't worry,Brooks reviews the five forces and six core competencies of storytelling in detail and explains how these essential elements can take a story from good to great.

Download this OnDemand webinar now and discover the must-have elements a story must have in order to compete in today's market! Write a great story, learn the five key forces that will make any story compelling, and master the six core competencies necessary for creating an engaging narrative.

In This Online Webinar You'll Learn:

  • What makes a story work,what the difference is between a good and a great story.
  • How and why the ‚Äúsearch for story" and the ‚Äúexecution of story" are different aspects of the overall process, and why you should not shortcut or blindly blend them within your story.
  • The five key ‚Äúforces" that make a story compelling and a breakdown of the six core competencies.
  • What separates an aspiring writer from a published author in this field.
  • How to start a story and how to know when you're done and ready to submit your work.

About Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks is a best-selling author of five thrillers, and the author of the writing book, Story Engineering: Mastering the Six Core Competencies of Successful Writing (2011, Writer's Digest Books). He is also the creator of, named by Writers Digest as one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers" the last two years. He speaks frequently at writing conferences and offers story and manuscript review services. His new writing book, The Search for Story, will be published in early 2013.

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